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DrupalCon SF 2010 is At Moscone South - Getting Here

POSTED BY Lauren N. Roth on April 17, 2010

Moscone South

747 Howard
San Francisco, CA 94103

Map of Moscone South relative to Moscone West and Moscone North.

Located in the urban heart of San Francisco's downtown district, The Moscone Center is easily accessible by transit.

From the North Bay Via ferryboat to San Francisco:

Ferries arrive in San Francisco at the Ferry Building. Walk through the Ferry Building and exit onto Embarcadero Boulevard. Cross the street to a streetcar platform. (You should now be facing the Ferry Building.) Catch the F-line streetcar and take it down Market Street to Third Street. Disembark. From Market Street, take Third Street and walk down two blocks. The facility is on your right, on either side of Howard Street. Moscone West is located at Fourth and Howard streets with a second entrance on Fourth Street between Howard and Mission Street.

BART offers fast, convenient regional service and MUNI Metro provides light rail service throughout the City. To reach Moscone North & South, take BART or MUNI to Montgomery station. To reach Moscone West, take BART or MUNI to Powell station.

Caltrain offers a frequent schedule into the nearby station at 4th & Townsend Streets. All of these stations are within a few minutes' walk of The Moscone Center.

Presenting You!

POSTED BY Emma Jane Hogbin on April 17, 2010

At DrupalCon San Francisco you will be exposed to hundreds of interactions and ideas. There is absolutely no way for you to remember every thing that will happen. Some experiences will stick in your mind despite of the cacophony of the conference. Hopefully some of these memories will be of the amazing presentations that will be delivered at DrupalCon. But do you know what makes a presentation memorable and how you, as a presenter, be memorable? Having been a presenter for more than 20 years myself, I know what it takes to be a great presenter and to create a memorable experience.

If you want: to learn how to be an effective presenter, tips on overcoming stage fright, and the chance to test out your slides on stage come to the Presenting You! workshop, Sunday April 18th 2-5pm. This workshop is free to all DrupalCon participants.

DrupalCon Unconference - Six Continents and the Seven Seas

POSTED BY Crystal Williams on April 16, 2010

Location: Moscone South - Esplanade Ballroom in rooms 303, 304, 305 and 306.
Time: Opening Announcements and Scheduling of Sessions promptly at 10am.

Hey folks, we're just a couple of days out from the UnConference and its getting exciting watching the registrations roll in. The wonderful thing about Open Space events is that you really never know WHAT wonderfulness is going to show up on that planning board when the dust settles, but it's always surprising in the best of ways.

We thought you all would enjoy a sneak preview: We currently have 225 folks registered and you hail from India, Peru, New York, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Austin!, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Israel, "the internet", New Rock City, Honduras, Hollywood, Argentina, Taiwan, Montana, Denmark, Kansas, France, and even a few from a small town called San Francisco.

A preliminary sessions thread is in the forum here:, and it's a great place to start gathering interest for your talk. So far, we have time travel, geolocation, and Drupal on the high seas. Go check it out!

Whether you're joining us from across the world or across the Bay, we look forward to having a great day of open discussions and cutting edge talks. While your skill levels range from "drupal averse" to "ninja", we expect everyone to come prepared to participate, whether its by giving a talk, sitting on a panel, or just being an active audience. If you've never been to an Open Space Event (a barcamp, drupalcamp, or similar), you can read about it here: The "What to Expect" page is also an excellent guide:

Starting at 10am, we'll make Opening Announcements and start opening up the board for sessions. We have four rooms and five 45-minute time slots, with time between sessions for discussion. Anyone who wants to present should show up at 10am to fill out a card with their topic and claim a slot on the schedule (see here for an idea of what that looks like:

We'll have a bit of shuffling to get sessions into the most compatible time slots and encourage collaborative sessions with people with very similar topics, but by 11am, the presentations start. If there are any open time slots left after the initial planning and inspiration strikes, new sessions can be added.

As a reminder, we won't be serving food for this event, so you might want to bring along your coffee and a water bottle in the morning. We'll have a significant break for lunch offsite and another break in the afternoon.

See You There!

The Event is located in Moscone South 747 Howard Street, San Francisco CA 94103 in the Esplanade Ballroom in rooms 303, 304, 305 and 306. We will give Opening Announcements and start scheduling sessions promptly at 10am.

Silicon Valley at DrupalCon SF

POSTED BY Matt Cheney on April 16, 2010

In addition to the many sessions submitted by talented presenters from the Drupal community, we are pleased to announce the addition of several sessions from the larger San Francisco and Silicon Valley technology scene. In addition to Tim O'Reilly's keynote address Open Source in the Cloud Era there will be presentations from Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Sun/Oracle. Read the details below and make sure to check them out at DrupalCon SF.

The Bird's Nest: Behind the Scenes of Twitter
by Benjamin Sandofsky, Senior Engineer, Mobile, Twitter
Monday, 9:45AM - Room 309

Twitter receives over 50 million tweets per day, with over 107 million registered users. Scaling to that size is possible through one half architecture and one half culture. This session will take a brief stroll through Twitter's system design, then walk through the engineering practices that makes it possible. Topics include: agility, parallel development, testing, large scale deployment, and the overlooked human elements

PubSubHubbub to the rescue-- Real-time feeds and the future of social networks
by Brett Slatkin, Senior Software Engineer, Google
Monday, 4:15PM - Room 310

This talk will cover how PubSubHubbub enables developers to produce and consume real-time content across the net. I will detail how the next generation of social sites will build on standard components like ActivityStreams, WebFinger, and Salmon. Come see how your site can become part of the new decentralized web.

HipHop for PHP
by Scott MacVicar, Open Source Developer Advocate, Facebook
Tuesday, 5:30PM - Room 305

HipHop transforms PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then compiles it using g++. It allows developers to continue writing complex logical directly with PHP but leverages the speed benefits of C++. HipHop is more than just a theoretical exercise and currently powers the majority of Facebook servers. This session will cover using HipHop and some of the code changes required to use it.

MySQL Highlights
by J.D. Duncan, Software Engineer, Oracle/Sun
Tuesday, 3:00PM - Room 307

Fresh from O'Reilly's annual MySQL Conference (April 12-15), J.D. Duncan will bring the latest news on MySQL and the Open Source database community. This will include the most recent announcements on the MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, and InnoDB. Having worked in the MySQL community at various websites, then at MySQL AB, then Sun Microsystems, and now Oracle, he will also share a perspective on the role of small companies and larger companies in the Open Source ecosystem.

DrupalCon Mobile Site is Live

POSTED BY Jason Chinn on April 14, 2010

Hello everyone, if your wireless drops or if you do not have a laptop just use your smart phone. The mobile site has a useful interface to view the schedule by day and by track.

I am hosting a BOF in room 206 at 4:15pm today, Monday to present how we created the mobile version of the DrupalCon website. The mobile version will automatically load for all webkit based smart phones.

To learn more about our process or share your mobile development experiences please see me at the Birds of a Feather in room 206.

Deadline Removed for Pre-conference Training Sign-up

POSTED BY Tiffany Shackelford on March 31, 2010

Still trying to put together your plans for Drupalcon? Time is running out, but now there is one less deadline to worry about. The deadline for pre-conference training classes has been removed. Now you can register for them until we run out of space.

Many of the popular pre-conference training classes have in fact already sold out. But there are still spots left in the following five trainings:

What Is Drupal? Introductory Seminar

OpenPublish Hands-On Training

Drupal SEO Hands-On Training

Site Building with Drupal 7

Intro to theme development Hands-On Training

This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts - and for a really low price!

DrupalCon SF Keynotes Announcement: Dries, Tim O'Reilly, and The Whitehouse

POSTED BY Matt Cheney on March 30, 2010

It is my pleasure to announce the keynote addresses for DrupalCon SF:

Dries Buytaert, Drupal Project Lead - "The State of Drupal"
Tim O'Reilly, CEO O'Reilly Media - "Open Source in the Cloud Era"
David H. Cole, Executive Office of the President - "Open Source in Government: A Panel Discussion"

Additional details:

"The State of Drupal" 1:30pm, Monday, April 19th
Dries Buytaert, Drupal Project Lead

Dries Buytaert will give his bi-annual State of Drupal talk in the beginning of DrupalCon SF, where he'll discuss where Drupal is and where it is going. In particular, he'll discuss Drupal 7, usability, the redesign, and other developments to Drupal.

"Open Source in the Cloud Era" 1:30pm, Tuesday, April 20th
Tim O'Reilly, Founder and CEO O'Reilly Media

Like it or not, we're building an Internet operating system, a platform that will host everything from mobile phone apps to web apps. The platform wars of the 1980s and 1990s are nothing to the platform wars that are about to erupt on the net, as major players try to solidify their hold on the future. What is the role of open source in this future? How can we build an "internet operating system" of small pieces loosely joined (like Linux, or the Drupal ecosystem) rather than one that is owned by a single platform vendor?

"Open Source in Government" 1:30pm, Wednesday, April 21st
David H. Cole, Sr. Advisor, Office of the CIO, Executive Office of the President
Andrew Hoppin, CIO NY State Senate

Open Source has seen a lot of adoption from government in the last year. David Cole, from the New Media Team at the Whitehouse, will introduce the session by talking about the decision to move to Drupal and their future plans to use Drupal and open source to foster citizen engagement. Other panelists will discuss their experiences working with Drupal and open source in government.

'Birds of a Feather' rooms will have AV

POSTED BY Deborah Fuzetto on March 29, 2010

Did the session you submitted not get approved? If so, maybe you can do a BoF session instead. There will be 8 rooms designated for BoFs this year and 3 of them have AV equipment. If you would like to reserve one of the AV rooms please email

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for Training

POSTED BY Jen Lampton on March 29, 2010

Tuesday March 30th is the last day to sign up for pre-conference training. Of the 19 classes offered, 12 have completely sold out and others are nearing capacity. If you'd like to spend the day before the conference polishing up your Drupal skills, sign up now, before it's too late!

Classes that still have availability include:

Drupal Introductory Seminar: The Drupal Intro Seminar is the best way to get your feet wet with Drupal. From the basic concepts and terminology to site building strategies, we'll begin to get you "thinking Drupal". If you're just beginning with Drupal or are having a hard time making heads or tails of the documentation, join us for this day and make sure you can get the most out of a week at DrupalCon!

Drupal SEO: The Volacci SEO team will walk you through recommended Drupal SEO modules, configurations, and content you need. We will also take a deeper look at advanced SEO topics, i.e. site organization, A/B testing, landing page optimization, conversion strategies, and automatic content tagging, in order to set your site up as a finely-tuned Drupal SEO machine!

OpenPublish Hands-On Training: OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of Drupal that has been tailored to the needs of online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlet's sites including: online magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications.

Site Building with Drupal 7: In this one day course you'll walk through creating a site using the soon-to-be-released Drupal 7. Based on the newly released book Beginning Drupal 7 (written by the instructor) the course will step you through creating new content types, adding images, creating custom user profiles, managing users, and more. You'll walk away from this course with an introduction to the new features in Drupal 7 and ready to tackle any topic at Drupalcon.

These affordable classes are only available to DrupalCon ticket holders. Don't miss out on the wonderful opportunity to learn from the experts!

Official DrupalCon T-Shirts Now Available for Pre-Purchase!

POSTED BY Lauren N. Roth on March 26, 2010

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 is now just over three weeks away. You may have your ticket to the conference, but have you purchased your official T-Shirt? We went with a slick, simple design in the hopes that this becomes your new favorite shirt, and not just for wearing to conferences! Our production house will be printing on multiple colors so you can choose the shirt that best suits your personality. We will even have shirts for the ladies, and not just for wearing as pajamas.

Be sure to pre-order on the website by going to registration and checking the box which says you would like to buy one. We can only do sales via the website at this time, so be sure to order online before coming to the conference! Do this to avoid any major lines for those who will have to go through the website on-site to purchase at the conference.

When you get to conference, you can pick up your shirt at the registration desk where a smiling face will be waiting to hand you your selection!

Go here to pre-purchase your T-Shirt:

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