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Conference Offerings April 19-21, 2010

With this ticket you can attend keynotes, sessions, Drupal for business, the career fair, birds of a feather gatherings, and after-hours Drupal social scene events. You are also welcome join us for the Un-Conference on Sunday April 18th, and both Drupal sprints on Sunday April 18th, and Thursday April 22nd.

Drupalcon San Francisco is the premiere conference for learning about all things Drupal. Come and learn how the leading open source CMS is reshaping the internet and meet the community that is leading the way!

DrupalCon SF 2010 Official T-ShirtPre-Order Your DrupalCon San Francsico T-Shirt now! We will be distributing the t-shirt at the conference and this design will be printed on T-Shirts of a few different colors. When you come to the registration desk we will let you pick your favorite!

Show your love for Drupal and DrupalCon. Individual sponsorship gives every attendee an affordable opportunity to support the Drupal project and the Drupal community through the work of the Drupal Association.

Each individual sponsor will be recognized with a special acknowledgment on their conference badge as well as a mention in the sponsorship section of the site.


The organization sponsor package is a basic package with few benefits. Almost 70% of Drupal development shops are sole proprietor business. This package is designed for those small consultancies that would like to contribute financially to DrupalCon beyond the ticket price but are not in need of benefits to promote their professional Drupal services at this time.

This package is also designed for organizations that use Drupal heavily but do not need the benefits provided in the benefits packages. Instead, these organizations understand the importance of community based innovation and education and are looking for a way to contribute financially back to the community (i.e. A university that runs dozens of Drupal sites, or a non-profit that relies on Drupal to help with their fund raising and outreach).


In place of the Moscone Box Lunch, you can now have a delicious catered lunch across the street at Jillian's.

Pre-Conference Offerings April 17-18, 2010
The Core Developer Summit is a forum to discuss and plan the process, roles, and vision that shapes the future of Drupal’s technology platform. This is an extremely technical event intended for current core developers.

DrupalCon 2010 is having a code and documentation sprint where you can come and contribute to Drupal, no matter your skill level. If you don't know what to do, we'll show you how to get started in under an hour. Not only will your participation make Drupal better for all of us, but you will mix with some of the smartest and coolest developers on the planet doing their favorite thing.

Highly recommended for all presenters Abstract: You've signed up to be one of those hand waving people at the front of the room and your talk has been accepted. Congratulations! You have lots of things to say. Your module ROCKS! Your code is AWESOME. Your designs are SASSY. But your fear of presenting is also ... well ... a value larger than zero. Come learn how to transform your speaking experience from scary snarling dogs to kittens playing with yarn - before you take the microphone! Agenda From competing in public speaking competitions, to teaching IT at community college, to delivering engaging and entertaining conference presentations, Emma Jane Hogbin (that's me) has a lot of experience in the art of talking. In this session you will learn some quick tips to help you with your own conference presentation. Specific topics will include: * Story time: entertain me; inspire me * Presentation styles: are you a Lessig or a Kawasaki? * Timing and structure: how to fill up 45 minutes (and how not to go over) * Presentation aids: your slides are for the audience, not for you to read * Actionable items: have an impact by sending the audience home with a task In this two and half hour workshop you will get a brief overview of what makes a presentation engaging. Most of the workshop, however, will be spent improving your presentation! You do not need to have finished slides, but a rough outline of the topics you want to present will be very helpful. Goals By the end of this session you will know how to develop and deliver a presentation that engages and inspires your audience. Resources * * * * (but don't actually mimic his slides!) * (Slide:ology) * Workshop slides: Updated: Presenter Kit Information
Training Offerings April 18, 2010

Taught by two seasoned developers who have over 5 years combined Drupal experience, in this training you'll be exposed to tips and tricks that normally take years to uncover. Plus, we're fun guys and guarantee you'll not only learn a lot, but you'll have a good time, too.

Topics covered include:
  • Getting a development environment set up
  • Building your first module
  • Introduction to module hooks
  • Module theming
  • Working with CSS and javascript files
  • Using access control
  • Making your module customizable
  • Creating forms with the Forms API
  • Working with database tables and module installation files
  • Writing secure code
  • Debugging tools and tips
  • Registering for a Drupal developer's account and contributing your module
  • Bonus topics: Patching, AJAX and Selenium IDE
The Drupal Intro Seminar is the best way to - in a single day - get your feet wet with Drupal. From the basic concepts and terminology to site building strategies, we'll begin to get you "thinking Drupal". If you're just beginning with Drupal or are having a hard time making heads or tails of the documentation, join us for this day and make sure you can get the most out of a week at DrupalCon!

Topics covered:
  • Overview and background of the Drupal project
  • Basic Terminology
  • How sites get built with Drupal
  • Finding your way around the community
  • A live site building demo
  • Plus plenty of Q&A time!

Ready to dive in to Drupal? Fear not, lifeguards are on duty! Savvy instructors from Growing Venture Solutions will help you get Drupal installed on your computer and instilled in your thinking. We'll begin with building understanding of Drupal's concepts, then start building your first Drupal site -- create content, install & configure the right modules, and start managing users. Then, we'll focus on awesome tools to make your site shine -- enrich content with fields and taxonomy, customize URLs to be readable and SEO-friendly, create an events calendar with the powerful Views module, and integrate images in powerful and creative ways. By the end of this class you'll be ready to build your own Drupal sites, speak the the Drupal lingo, and get involved with the vibrant Drupal community.


Join Phase2 Technology for a hands-on workshop which will take students from installation of OpenPublish through to having a working site.

Students will follow along on their own instance of a site while we demonstrate how to install, configure and deploy an OpenPublish site. Aimed squarely at the Drupal novice, this session will require some basic knowledge of Drupal, PHP and installing on the LAMP stack.

OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of Drupal that has been tailored to the needs of online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlet's sites including: online magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications. Built and supported on standard Drupal core (currently Drupal 6x), OpenPublish supports everything from basic news coverage needs to Web 2.0 trends, social publishing, semantic tagging and topic hubs.

We'll start with an Introduction to OpenPublish and Thomson Reuters' OpenCalais and move on to an installation of OpenPublish. The class will cover the following items as well, and include plenty of time for questions and instructions.

Putting together your own OpenPublish site :
  • Customizing the taxonomy
  • Setting up navigation and menu items
  • Controlling content on the site with editorial options
  • Creating robust content using different tools and features
  • Multimedia options and showcasing
  • Setup new main level sections
  • Customize RSS feeds
  • Importing RSS and Twitter
Using advanced features to customize your site:
  • Creating your own theme using the OpenPublish base theme
  • Using Context to build your site sections
  • Block placement using Context
  • Configuring OpenCalais and More Like This
  • Set up and configuration of Topic Hubs

Finally, we will have a discussion of taking your OpenPublish site further in several different ways, such as: building new features using Features; Advanced theming techniques and contributing to OpenPublish.