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DrupalCon SF 2010 is At Moscone South - Getting Here

DrupalCon SF 2010 is At Moscone South - Getting Here

POSTED BY Lauren N. Roth on April 17, 2010

Moscone South

747 Howard
San Francisco, CA 94103

Map of Moscone South relative to Moscone West and Moscone North.

Located in the urban heart of San Francisco's downtown district, The Moscone Center is easily accessible by transit.

From the North Bay Via ferryboat to San Francisco:

Ferries arrive in San Francisco at the Ferry Building. Walk through the Ferry Building and exit onto Embarcadero Boulevard. Cross the street to a streetcar platform. (You should now be facing the Ferry Building.) Catch the F-line streetcar and take it down Market Street to Third Street. Disembark. From Market Street, take Third Street and walk down two blocks. The facility is on your right, on either side of Howard Street. Moscone West is located at Fourth and Howard streets with a second entrance on Fourth Street between Howard and Mission Street.

BART offers fast, convenient regional service and MUNI Metro provides light rail service throughout the City. To reach Moscone North & South, take BART or MUNI to Montgomery station. To reach Moscone West, take BART or MUNI to Powell station.

Caltrain offers a frequent schedule into the nearby station at 4th & Townsend Streets. All of these stations are within a few minutes' walk of The Moscone Center.