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UnConference Session Preview - Post your Sessions here for Feedback

UnConference Session Preview - Post your Sessions here for Feedback

POSTED BY Crystal Williams on April 13, 2010

While not necessary (all sessions will be scheduled and reviewed from 10am-11am on the day of the UnConference), if you would like to post your UnConference Session topic to get feedback, find collaborators, or just spark interest, feel free to add them as comments below.

We'll be sending out an information email in a day or two with more about what to expect, but you can also ask general questions here:

Hope to see you there!


Code Driven Development

At Nuvole ( the adoption of a "code driven" development has completely revolutionized our working flow, making it more maintainable, solid and scalable. Projects like Features ( and Chaos tool suite ( are at the heart of it, even though a lot still depends on how actually you are going to use this great technology: good code conventions (see the Kit project:, well defined features boundaries and other good practices can really make the difference, at the end of the day.

We are planning to propose "Code-driven development" as session at the DrupalCon Unconference as an open space to share snippets of code, successful design decisions and everything related to the topic. We would like to have an idea about how many of you could be interested in taking part in it.

Antonio De Marco (
Peter Vanhee (

Maps, mapping, geospatial, Drupal

Would like to hear from or about work that includes a mapping component :)


I'm very happy to present on the gmap & location modules. I've done a lot of work with these over the years of working with Green Map: as well as some simpler implementations at and

I've had less experience with all the awesome stuff being done with the Geo, OpenLayers & Mapbox - if anyone wants to co-present that would be great.

Introduction to module development

Is anyone interested in an introduction to module development?

I've presented on this at other drupalcamps, and it's been an overview of how to make your first module - some easy ways to start (the form API and hook_node), good practice to follow (using t(), l()), and how to figure out what you've done wrong (debugging with dsm(), dd(), etc.)

RE: Introduction to module development

That sounds like a good topic, tom_o_t. I bet there would be enough interested people to make that worthwhile.

Thanks for offering to present it.

Memento: Time Travel for Drupal

I will introduce the concepts of the Memento Framework ( and explain why and how Memento can be implemented in Drupal.

Memento wants to make it as straightforward to access the Web of the past as it is to access the current Web. If you know the URI of a Web resource, the technical framework proposed by Memento allows you to see a version of that resource as it existed at some date in the past, by entering that URI in your browser like you always do and by specifying the desired date in a browser plug-in. Or you can actually browse the Web of the past by selecting a date and clicking away. Whatever you land upon will be versions of Web resources as they were around the selected date. Obviously, this will only work if previous versions are available somewhere on the Web. But if they are, and if they are on servers that support the Memento framework, you will get to them.

The Memento framework can also be applied to Linked Data as proposed in the paper "An HTTP based versioning approach for Linked Data" accepted for the Linking Data on the Web Workshop (LDoW 2010) to be held in conjunction with WWW 2010.

Drupal at Sea

We've been successfully using Drupal to power the intranet used by our ships for two years now. Currently the site is hosted at a land based central location and accessed by the 17 ships in our fleet. Each ship on average has about 1500 contributors including editors. Editors at our corporate office are responsible for final approval and publishing.

The ships run off a satellite internet connection that is constrained by bandwidth limitations and outages. We strive to provide a better experience to the crew who spend months at sea. As such, we'd like to reduce the dependency on satellite connectivity.

During our analysis, we realized we do have local hardware available on each of the ships where we can run independent servers. Our idea is to run a cloned instance of the intranet on each of the ships which would then sync up with the central server on a regular basis.

We're looking to discuss ideas on implementation and any thoughts on the pitfalls and problems we might encounter. Feel free to reply here if this sounds interesting or we can talk more on Sunday morning.

Looking forward to DrupalCon!

Nate (
Subbu (

Take my job, please!

I'm in the position of hiring my own replacement as Web developer at iPhone Life magazine (see job description at ), and I'm all about transparency and open information, so I'd like to take the opportunity of the unconference to present a case study of how we moved its predecessor Smartphone & PocketPC magazine to Drupal and built iPhone Life as a Drupal site. What went well, what's been challenging. You learn something, I learn something, and a potential hire goes in with eyes open.