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Wrong Video on

Wrong Video on

POSTED BY Diana Montalion Dupuis on April 22, 2010

The video on for PHP for NonProgrammers is the wrong video. It shows a different presentation. Anyone know who to contact?


they fixed it

I looked at this morning and the links at and now both go to the correct video. However, don't be thrown off by the generated preview at the second address, it still shows the original (wrong) upload.

some other mismatches

If anyone on the video team is reading this, I found another couple of mismatches on contains the video of "Parlez vous Internet? Ignore the rest of the world at your own risk." contains the video of "Apache Solr Search Mastery". also contains the video of "Apache Solr Search Mastery". contains the video of "Drupal Gardens: Design to online in 15 minutes". (dot included in the url) is the correct address for "Parlez vous Internet? Ignore the rest of the world at your own risk." is the correct address for "Apache Solr Search Mastery". is the correct address for "Drupal Gardens: Design to online in 15 minutes". is where I found "Module Building for Beginners (Drupal 6 and 7) - Intro and Workshop". is where I found "Best practices in contrib development and support".

some explanations without too much details

All the sessions you have mentioned have correct video files in our conference site

If you are going to search on with session title to find all DrupalCon session videos, then you may want to know these facts.

I found to be buggy in two aspects, one in file management another in session management. Due to the serious bug in file management, it was cross linking video files of one session to another session. When I observed this behavior I tried to remedy the situation by reloading the video, that is why you see two similar links for the session with number at the end. In some cases reloading files fixed the problem but in some cases still it kept cross linking to another session files. On top of that, does not allow deleting any past uploaded files. I will come up with a way so that these unwanted cross linked uploads will not show up in internet search...

For two sessions ( & multiple video upload attempts did not bring the desired results, so I decided to upload the videos for these sessions in site.

One thing for certain is all the sessions in conference site are pointing to the correct videos.

Thanks for your effort to making sure videos and sessions are matched properly.

- Gowri

Hi Gowri, can we expect to

Hi Gowri, can we expect to see most of the Wednesday session recordings (most of them aren't there) at some point or were these lost or simply not had time to get them up yet? :)

thanks for all your hard work on this.


I got confirmation from Josh that there are still some to be uploaded. Good news :)

Thanks again for all the hard work!

Hopefully today

Wednesday and some of Tuesday afternoon sessions were assigned to a volunteer who is not local to SF bay area. So he is waiting to return to home for faster internet connection. He said he will finish uploading them today (Sunday). Check back late in the evening.

Hopefully today

“He said he will finish uploading them today (Sunday)”, but still no Ubercart videos were uploaded.

Were the Ubercart sessions recorded and will they be uploaded in the near future?

Thank you

Thank you!

Thank you for all the great work getting these videos up and organized (php4np is indeed working). A great service for all attendees and presenters - you rock!

Videos upload

There were 131 session videos to upload for this conference. 113 videos (86%) were uploaded in less than 24 hours from the time session was over. Before the start of the conference, we set our goal to upload a session video within 24 hours after a session is complete.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances with one of my team members, 18 session video uploads were delayed for 5 days. In a team consisting full of volunteers, sometimes we do end up with a team member who do not take the goal of this project seriously. This begs to scrutinize the process of accepting volunteers for conference like this one. At least in the case of Video Capturing team, we should consider taking volunteers only who are local to the conference site; so a volunteer can work on uploading the videos after conference instead of traveling out of the city to return home. Also there should be a process to evaluate a volunteer's performance so in future a volunteer can participate based on their past contributions if any.

- Gowri