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Room Share

Room Share

POSTED BY Erik Hopp on November 9, 2009

Any to share a hotel room? Drupalcon'ers, do you have spare room or comfy couch? Know of a good hostel?


USA Hostels

I just booked with USA Hostels San Francisco, easy walking distance to the convention center and just $150 for five nights, with breakfast included. I hope to see some other Drupal folks there!


My house is in Brisbane which is hardly close but I have 2 spare rooms. Not sure if I'll drive up yet or take the bus which is pretty easy (samtrans 292). Ping me if you are looking for a free place to stay and/or are interested in ridesharing


See You There

see you there dorm room for me...


Is anyone involved with the CouchSurfing community in SF?

Hostelling International Downtown

I'm staying at Hostelling International's Downtown location (GMaps info | Official site) from the 16th - 23rd. I've been there before. It's nice, well maintained, inexpensive ($28/night) and within easy walking distance to the Moscone Center (10-15 minutes).

Right now I just have a dorm bunk reserved, but if anyone else is staying for that some length of time I'd be more than happy to split a room ($79/night).

Hope to see some other Drupalers there!

Check out the King George

I can't make DrupalCon, but if you're looking for a comfortable room at a reasonable rate, check out the King George at 334 Mason. If you click on their "ILR" (Internet loyalty rate), you can get a room with continental breakfast for $85 to $100 a night. They consider themselves a boutique hotel. My wife and I have stayed there at least three times over the years. Each visit was highly enjoyable. They do not have air conditioning, but in April in San Francisco, who needs it?

Also, don't miss out on the Sushi Boat. The gimmick on which the name is based is a little cheesy — at the bar, the chef puts each item on a little boat that floats down a trough; if you want it, you pick it up as it floats by — but the food and service are great.

Gee, I wish I was going!

The Good Hotel is only a few blocks away and is cheap

Sorry, my house will be full with a new born. You can camp out in my backyard if you want. :-) but, I can send you the promo code for the Good Hotel to get you rates, just need to tell the hotel that you are one of my friends. Email me for the promo code and I will send it off to you. Here are the rate that I get for a friends rate. Use promo code DRUPAL

Standard One Double
USD 74.00
Standard Two Twin Beds
USD 74.00
Superior One Queen Room
USD 82.00
Superior Two Double Beds
USD 82.00
Superior One Double One Twin
USD 82.00
Superior Two Queens
USD 89.00
Family Suite
USD 97.00

Hotel Fusion for under $60

I just booked rooms at Hotel Fusion for under $60 a night. I can't remember the last time I slept on a single bed, but I think if I don't roll I'll be ok. Maybe they offer bed rails. Yelp seems to like them.

Couch Surfing Timing

@dooug I tried contacting a couple CouchSurfing places, but they all ask me to wait until a week or two before... which sounds like a bad idea! By that time the "good" hostels could be full and the couches taken. :-/

Two beds available

A fellow Drupalist (Chris Shattuck) and I have two beds available at the in San Francisco. We have reservations for a quad room, but two of the other Drupalists that were initially going to take those two beds have canceled.
This leaves us with two extra beds to share with other Drupalists. The rates are about $27.00 per night.
The place is located close to the Moscone Center. The address of the hostel is: 711 Post Street San Francisco, CA 94109
If anyone is interested please send me a private message.
The reservations are for April 18 to April 21.



Beds are still available

We still have the two beds available at the USA Hostel. If we can get 4 people to share this 4 bed dorm room with shared bathroom we will come up to about $140.00 per person, this is great for a city such as San Francisco.
Also I want to make a correction:
The reservations are from April 18th thru the 23rd with check out on the 23rd.



Carlton and had a room

Carlton and had a room minutes later for cheaper than any of us could imagine. And, yes, I too had the man at the front counter who played the "Christy? Hmmm...I don't see your reservation" game. I must admit, my heart dropped to my stomach for a few speechless seconds. It was my friend that got the "joke" first. The thing is, when someone pokes fun at you, to your face, unexpectedly, you can take two roads: one makes you really pissed in a passive, I'm-just-gonna-complain-about-you-on-Yelp! sort of way; the other, you think, "yea, kinda dry for my taste, but you're still a homie." After I flashed him a look that said, "You're lucky I'm in a fantastic mood. Please, for your own sake, don't try that on just anyone," I continued to have a brilliant night followed by a comfortable, restful sleep afte giving my cisco hope to see you here.

Need female roommate to share hotel room

Looking for Room Share. I'm looking for a female roommate to share a hotel room from April 16th-23rd. Prefer non-smoking quiet person to share with same. I'm a web designer and Drupal developer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm planning to do some sightseeing on the weekend before the conference starts. I have reservations for a room for 2 at the Donatello. See With 2 sharing, the price is $80.00 USD per person per night - that's inlcuding taxes and fees.
The Donatello is a great hotel with free wifi, fridge and microwave included.

Contact Katy at


I want to seek a fair share room too.

im up for it!

im up for it!

First time to US

Hello everyone,

I come from Vietnam and this is first time I come to US.

So I would like to make friend and room share with any one.

Please PM me if you have a cheap room to share.

Looking for all reply.


All beds are taken.

Sorry, all beds have been taken.
I had posted this earlier with the availability of the beds at the hostel. All the beds have been taken. I have been contacted by enough people to fill another quad. My suggestion is that you guys get together and agree in reserving another quad and share it.
For privacy reasons I can't post the names or emails of those interested, but I suggest you start a new thread in this forum and get together to reserve and share a room.



Which hostel is better? Share a room?

Yelps say USA


I am looking to reserve a room with 4 beds to share with anyone who wants to.

They both cost the same ()
HI says they can't guarantee a private bathroom but it is likely and is $30/night w/o membership.
USA says can't guarantee a single room, it is not likely to have a private bathroom and is $27/night.

Any other opinionsor information?

I am staying the 18th-23rd

Want to share room with you

@chrowe : I come from Vietnam and stay in 18th - 23rd too, can you reserve a room and we share together?

17th through 22nd

I have booked a 4 bed private room with its own bathroom at the Adelaide Hostel for the 17th through the 22nd (check out on the 23rd).

Cost works out to $612 or $153 per person for the 6 nights. (Looks like there is a 15.5% hotel tax in addition)

So I am now looking for 3 roommates...

2 spots left

livido has committed, so I have 2 spots left.

Looking for to share a room

Hey I'm looking to share a room. I'm going to coming on the 18th and staying til the 21st, then taking an overnight flight home on the 22nd.


Need a female to share room with


I am looking for a female roommate for Drupal Con. I get in on Sunday, April 18th and leave on Wednesday, April 21st. If you are interested in splitting a room, then please email me at

A little about me:

I am a website designer and a Drupal enthusiast. I am clean and organized, so you don't have to worry about me trashing the room or creating a mess. I am friendly and considerate.

My portfolio website:


1 spot left

livido and iStryker committed, so I have 1 spot left.

hey greg! sign me up!

hey greggmarshall! sign me up!

There is no room at the Inn

With chriscalip, livido and iStryker committed, the room is now full.

Looking forward to meeting you all and enjoying my first Drupalcon.


Looking for Roommate at Parc 55

I've reserved a double room at the Parc 55 for the nights of the 18th, 19th, and 20th; and am looking for someone to split it with. Rate is $159 / night + 14% tax. So like $91 / night each. If there is a couch, I don't mind splitting with two other people.

Looking for floor space on the CHEAP/FREE!

I applied for a scholarship but didn't make the cut. I was offered tickets and have arranged to get there, but don't have a place to stay. Take pity on a clean, responsible, unemployed, drupaler!

Did I mention that I am waiting to find a place before signing up to volunteer. :)

Couch available

I have a couch available for Drupalers who have contributed back on I'm in the Haight in San Francisco.

One bed left at USA Hostels in a "Drupal Room"

There are 3 Drupalers so far so let me know if you want to be the 4th.

Since there does not seem to be a way to subscribe to these lists, the best way to let me know is via email.

chris at ole dot org

Still in search of female roommate

I have a room at the PickWick reserved for the 18th through 21st (3 nights) and would like to share and split costs with another DrupalCon participant.

Cost would be $154 per person for the three nights.


free place to stay?

I'm coming from Japan, but funds are pretty tight. If anyone has spare floor space, I'd be happy to trade Japanese souvenirs for it.

looking forward to DrupalCon.




Can I stay

Hey, I am interested in your offer, but 154$ is a bit high for me right now _ I think I can pay 120$ easily. Will it be okay?