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Silicon Valley at DrupalCon SF

Silicon Valley at DrupalCon SF

POSTED BY Matt Cheney on April 16, 2010

In addition to the many sessions submitted by talented presenters from the Drupal community, we are pleased to announce the addition of several sessions from the larger San Francisco and Silicon Valley technology scene. In addition to Tim O'Reilly's keynote address Open Source in the Cloud Era there will be presentations from Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Sun/Oracle. Read the details below and make sure to check them out at DrupalCon SF.

The Bird's Nest: Behind the Scenes of Twitter
by Benjamin Sandofsky, Senior Engineer, Mobile, Twitter
Monday, 9:45AM - Room 309

Twitter receives over 50 million tweets per day, with over 107 million registered users. Scaling to that size is possible through one half architecture and one half culture. This session will take a brief stroll through Twitter's system design, then walk through the engineering practices that makes it possible. Topics include: agility, parallel development, testing, large scale deployment, and the overlooked human elements

PubSubHubbub to the rescue-- Real-time feeds and the future of social networks
by Brett Slatkin, Senior Software Engineer, Google
Monday, 4:15PM - Room 310

This talk will cover how PubSubHubbub enables developers to produce and consume real-time content across the net. I will detail how the next generation of social sites will build on standard components like ActivityStreams, WebFinger, and Salmon. Come see how your site can become part of the new decentralized web.

HipHop for PHP
by Scott MacVicar, Open Source Developer Advocate, Facebook
Tuesday, 5:30PM - Room 305

HipHop transforms PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then compiles it using g++. It allows developers to continue writing complex logical directly with PHP but leverages the speed benefits of C++. HipHop is more than just a theoretical exercise and currently powers the majority of Facebook servers. This session will cover using HipHop and some of the code changes required to use it.

MySQL Highlights
by J.D. Duncan, Software Engineer, Oracle/Sun
Tuesday, 3:00PM - Room 307

Fresh from O'Reilly's annual MySQL Conference (April 12-15), J.D. Duncan will bring the latest news on MySQL and the Open Source database community. This will include the most recent announcements on the MySQL Server, MySQL Cluster, and InnoDB. Having worked in the MySQL community at various websites, then at MySQL AB, then Sun Microsystems, and now Oracle, he will also share a perspective on the role of small companies and larger companies in the Open Source ecosystem.