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Drupal It Yourself

In addition to the two yearly DrupalCon conferences, DrupalCamps all over the world have become a major source of education, inspiration, and introductions for the Drupal Community.

This year, DrupalCon invites DrupalCon attendees to connect with participants from the larger tech community, members of other open-source projects, and each other for a day of unconference-style presentations and conversations.

On April 18th, 2010, come prepared to present and participate in Drupal It Yourself, an unconference. Non-DrupalCon attendees are encouraged to attend--as long as they have something to share. Following the BarCamp motto of "No Speakers--Only Participants" we welcome talks on:

  • Other technologies/languages integrating with Drupal
  • General Web Development Best Practices, Security Concerns, and Standards
  • Experimental Modules and Drupal Development
  • Case Studies
  • Anything too new to share at DrupalCon!


10:00am - Opening
11:00am - Session 1
12:00 - Session 2
Lunch (offsite)
2:00pm - Session 3
3:00pm - Session 4
4:30 - Session 5

In addition to scheduled sessions, we'll have plenty of room for collaborative coding and conversations, so come hang out, meet other Drupallers in a relaxed environment before the main conference, and share what you know.

Sessions will not be scheduled until the day of the event, so be sure to come early to get your session on the schedule. The event is free and open, but registration is required.