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DrupalCon Unconference - Six Continents and the Seven Seas

DrupalCon Unconference - Six Continents and the Seven Seas

POSTED BY Crystal Williams on April 16, 2010

Location: Moscone South - Esplanade Ballroom in rooms 303, 304, 305 and 306.
Time: Opening Announcements and Scheduling of Sessions promptly at 10am.

Hey folks, we're just a couple of days out from the UnConference and its getting exciting watching the registrations roll in. The wonderful thing about Open Space events is that you really never know WHAT wonderfulness is going to show up on that planning board when the dust settles, but it's always surprising in the best of ways.

We thought you all would enjoy a sneak preview: We currently have 225 folks registered and you hail from India, Peru, New York, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Austin!, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Israel, "the internet", New Rock City, Honduras, Hollywood, Argentina, Taiwan, Montana, Denmark, Kansas, France, and even a few from a small town called San Francisco.

A preliminary sessions thread is in the forum here:, and it's a great place to start gathering interest for your talk. So far, we have time travel, geolocation, and Drupal on the high seas. Go check it out!

Whether you're joining us from across the world or across the Bay, we look forward to having a great day of open discussions and cutting edge talks. While your skill levels range from "drupal averse" to "ninja", we expect everyone to come prepared to participate, whether its by giving a talk, sitting on a panel, or just being an active audience. If you've never been to an Open Space Event (a barcamp, drupalcamp, or similar), you can read about it here: The "What to Expect" page is also an excellent guide:

Starting at 10am, we'll make Opening Announcements and start opening up the board for sessions. We have four rooms and five 45-minute time slots, with time between sessions for discussion. Anyone who wants to present should show up at 10am to fill out a card with their topic and claim a slot on the schedule (see here for an idea of what that looks like:

We'll have a bit of shuffling to get sessions into the most compatible time slots and encourage collaborative sessions with people with very similar topics, but by 11am, the presentations start. If there are any open time slots left after the initial planning and inspiration strikes, new sessions can be added.

As a reminder, we won't be serving food for this event, so you might want to bring along your coffee and a water bottle in the morning. We'll have a significant break for lunch offsite and another break in the afternoon.

See You There!

The Event is located in Moscone South 747 Howard Street, San Francisco CA 94103 in the Esplanade Ballroom in rooms 303, 304, 305 and 306. We will give Opening Announcements and start scheduling sessions promptly at 10am.