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Monday, April 19th
1:30 pm - "The State of Drupal"
Dries Buytaert, Drupal Project Lead

Dries Buytaert will give his bi-annual State of Drupal talk in the beginning of DrupalCon SF, where he’ll discuss where Drupal is and where it is going. In particular, he’ll discuss Drupal 7, usability, the redesign, and other developments to Drupal.

Tuesday, April 20th
1:30 pm - "Open Source in the Cloud Era"
Tim O'Reilly, CEO O'Reilly Media

Like it or not, we're building an Internet operating system, a platform that will host everything from mobile phone apps to web apps. The platform wars of the 1980s and 1990s are nothing to the platform wars that are about to erupt on the net, as major players try to solidify their hold on the future. What is the role of open source in this future? How can we build an "internet operating system" of small pieces loosely joined (like Linux, or the Drupal ecosystem) rather than one that is owned by a single platform vendor?

Wednesday, April 21th
1:30 pm - "Open Source in Government: A Panel Discussion"
David H. Cole, Executive Office of the President
Andrew Hoppin, CIO NY State Senate

Michael Walsh, Moderator

Open Source has seen a lot of adoption from government in the last year. David Cole, from the New Media Team at the Whitehouse, will introduce the session by talking about the decision to move to Drupal and their future plans to use Drupal and open source to foster citizen engagement. Other panelists will discuss their experiences working with Drupal and open source in government.