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OpenPublish Hands-On Training - Phase2 Technology

Class Description

Join Phase2 Technology for a hands-on workshop which will take students from installation of OpenPublish through to having a working site.

Students will follow along on their own instance of a site while we demonstrate how to install, configure and deploy an OpenPublish site. Aimed squarely at the Drupal novice, this session will require some basic knowledge of Drupal, PHP and installing on the LAMP stack.

OpenPublish is a packaged distribution of Drupal that has been tailored to the needs of online publishers. OpenPublish is ideal for the implementation of a variety of media outlet's sites including: online magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service and membership publications. Built and supported on standard Drupal core (currently Drupal 6x), OpenPublish supports everything from basic news coverage needs to Web 2.0 trends, social publishing, semantic tagging and topic hubs.

We'll start with an Introduction to OpenPublish and Thomson Reuters' OpenCalais and move on to an installation of OpenPublish. The class will cover the following items as well, and include plenty of time for questions and instructions.

Putting together your own OpenPublish site :

  • Customizing the taxonomy
  • Setting up navigation and menu items
  • Controlling content on the site with editorial options
  • Creating robust content using different tools and features
  • Multimedia options and showcasing
  • Setup new main level sections
  • Customize RSS feeds
  • Importing RSS and Twitter

Using advanced features to customize your site:

  • Creating your own theme using the OpenPublish base theme
  • Using Context to build your site sections
  • Block placement using Context
  • Configuring OpenCalais and More Like This
  • Set up and configuration of Topic Hubs

Finally, we will have a discussion of taking your OpenPublish site further in several different ways, such as: building new features using Features; Advanced theming techniques and contributing to OpenPublish.