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Community News

DrupalCon kick-off party: 111 Mina Gallery

POSTED BY Tyler Burke on April 19, 2010
tags party

How could DrupalCon San Francisco get any better? How about an awesome opening night party at one of the coolest venues in the city. We will kick off our celebration of all things Drupal at 111 Minna Gallery. In true SF style the venue doubles as an art gallery. But don't be fooled. Two DJ booths, two bars, a stage, art, and the coolest Drupalers around. Not to mention it is located walking distance from the convention. So get pumped!

When: 8pm, Monday April 19th Read more »

DrupalCon Mobile Site is Live

POSTED BY Jason Chinn on April 14, 2010

Hello everyone, if your wireless drops or if you do not have a laptop just use your smart phone. The mobile site has a useful interface to view the schedule by day and by track.

I am hosting a BOF in room 206 at 4:15pm today, Monday to present how we created the mobile version of the DrupalCon website. The mobile version will automatically load for all webkit based smart phones. Read more »

Session Surveys: Make your voice heard!

POSTED BY Shawn DeArmond on April 19, 2010

New this year at DrupalCon, you get the golden opportunity to give feedback on each and every session you attend. These session surveys will provide essential information to both the session presenters as well as the folks that are planning this DrupalCon and others to come.

To complete the surveys, log in and visit the conference schedule page, or your "My Schedule" linked from your profile page, to find the "Take Survey" link for each session. Read more »