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Community News

Countdown to DrupalCon SF - Make Sure You Are Fully Registered & Book Your Hotel!

POSTED BY Lauren N. Roth on March 15, 2010

Here at DrupalCon planning headquarters, we are getting really excited about the event. We are getting double digit increases in registrants daily and excitement is building. As we look at our schedule it looks like the programming is going to be awesome too! It will be the biggest DrupalCon so far, in a beautiful city.

As we get closer to the conference, we have noticed that a number of you are members of the site, but have not yet bought your conference ticket. Ticket prices go up to $220 on the 26th of March, so make sure you complete this step! Read more »

Training classes at DrupalCon San Francisco

POSTED BY Tiffany Shackelford on March 9, 2010

You still have a week before you can personalize your conference schedule, but the time to sign up for one of the DrupalCon pre-conference events is now. This year, we have added all-day trainings to the already robust DrupalCon offerings. Read more »

DrupalCon SF Sessions Chosen. Schedule to be Announced 3/15.

POSTED BY Jen Lampton on March 6, 2010

Thanks to everyone for providing us with 408 wonderful sessions to choose from! We are busily sending out email confirmations to the speakers, and beginning our process of organizing all the approved sessions into a daily schedule.

We wanted to share a bit about our larger selection process for sessions: Read more »