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Drupal Community

Drupal Community

Drupal has a worldwide community that is on hand to help with your Drupal problems, share ideas, and even meet for coffee at a local Drupal event. The community supports it's member via various vibrant IRC channels, in the forums, and face to face at Drupal events like Drupalcon. As Drupal is open source, this means everybody can get involved and make a difference. Drupalcon is the best opportunity to meet people in the community.
497,611 people in 228 countries speaking 181 different languages are using Drupal.

What is the Drupal Community?

In the Drupal zeitgeist, community is more than a concept or an ideal. It is the heart, soul and in many ways the definition of the Drupal project. It is the Drupal Community that sets Drupal apart from other FLOSS software projects. Dries Buyteart, the founder of the Drupal project, set the course early in the project's history by opening up development to all comers. Eight years later, over seven hundred developers contribute code and patches to Drupal core, and over 2,300 developers have accounts that allow them to upload their projects — themes, modules, profiles and translations —to the Drupal code repository. There are now over 5,000 contributed projects that extend and enhance Drupal core.

What is the Drupal Association?

The Drupal Association is an independent organization dedicated to helping the Drupal project flourish. We provide the Drupal project with fun­ding, infra­structure, events (including this DrupalCon), promotion and distribution. The Drupal Association does not direct or control the Drupal project.

Membership in the Association is open to all. Members can proudly display their membership badges on their sites to show their support for the project and the comunity.

We welcome you to join the Drupal Association and participate in its activities.

Who's Using Drupal?

From local businesses to global corporations, diverse organizations use Drupal.

News Publishing
New York Observer, NowPublic, Popular Science
Intranet/Corporate Websites
Yahoo! Research, AOL Corporate
Amherst College, e-Learning Institute, WPA
Art, Music, Multimedia
MTV UK, Sony Music, Warner Brothers Records
Community Portal Sites
Fast Company, Team Sugar, Kerneltrap
Social Networking Sites
DrupalSN, GoingOn