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Community News

Presenting You!

POSTED BY Emma Jane Hogbin on April 17, 2010

At DrupalCon San Francisco you will be exposed to hundreds of interactions and ideas. There is absolutely no way for you to remember every thing that will happen. Some experiences will stick in your mind despite of the cacophony of the conference. Hopefully some of these memories will be of the amazing presentations that will be delivered at DrupalCon. But do you know what makes a presentation memorable and how you, as a presenter, be memorable? Having been a presenter for more than 20 years myself, I know what it takes to be a great presenter and to create a memorable experience. Read more »

DrupalCon Unconference - Six Continents and the Seven Seas

POSTED BY Crystal Williams on April 16, 2010

Location: Moscone South - Esplanade Ballroom in rooms 303, 304, 305 and 306.
Time: Opening Announcements and Scheduling of Sessions promptly at 10am.

Hey folks, we're just a couple of days out from the UnConference and its getting exciting watching the registrations roll in. The wonderful thing about Open Space events is that you really never know WHAT wonderfulness is going to show up on that planning board when the dust settles, but it's always surprising in the best of ways. Read more »