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Community News

jQuery Conference 2010: San Francisco Bay Area Announced

POSTED BY Greg Knaddison on March 25, 2010

Guess what everybody? It's time to consider extending your hotel stay so that you can stick around after Drupalcon 2010 for the jQuery Conference being held April 24th and 25th - the weekend right after Drupalcon.

Ever since Drupal 5 the jQuery library has been included in Drupal core and we've been loving it. It makes working with Javascript fun, again.

Customize Your Schedule: Sign Up for Sessions!

POSTED BY Blake Lucchesi on March 18, 2010

Plan your DrupalCon adventure by picking the sessions you want to attend!

Because DrupalCon is such a large event, and the time flies by so fast, I always recommend you put together a list of the sessions you really want to go to and keep it handy. You can start doing this now by going to the session schedule and adding sessions to your personal schedule. By signing up you'll be able to see what sessions are on what day and at what time, and come to the unfortunate realization that you can't be in three places at once. Read more »

DrupalCon Session list posted

POSTED BY Jen Lampton on March 16, 2010

The list of selected sessions has been posted for DrupalCon San Francisco. We're frantically working on ironing out a few last conflicts in the schedule and confirming a few last speakers, but you are welcome to view our selections now.

In a few days we will be allowing everyone with a DrupalCon ticket to create a personal conference schedule. You will be able to 'Sign Up' for your favorite sessions and design your ideal conference experience. If you haven't bought your ticket yet, Register now before ticket prices go up!