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Community News

Vote for sessions by March 1st. Spread the word!

POSTED BY Zoey Kroll on February 25, 2010

What do you want out of your conference experience? You have a say in what happens at Drupalcon SF by voting on which sessions you want to attend. Our conference web team just added "share" features to the sessions pages, so you can encourage your friends to vote and attend the conference.

Voting ends March 1st, so vote soon! Spread the word!

Unconference at DrupalCon SF

POSTED BY Crystal Williams on February 22, 2010
Introducing a new DrupalCon event for 2010 - Drupal It Yourself! - A Community Unconference. We invite DrupalCon attendees to connect with participants from the larger tech community, members of other open source projects, and each other for a day of unconference-style presentations and conversations. This event will be free and open to all conference attendees PLUS non-attendees. Everyone with something to share is welcome to participate. On April 18th, 2010, come prepared to present and participate.

Drupal Training: ramp-up your knowledge before the conference

POSTED BY Jen Lampton on February 19, 2010

For the first time ever DrupalCon is proud to offer professional training courses to its attendees. These courses are taught by Drupal experts and cover a wide range of topics ranging from how to build your first Drupal site to how protect yourself from security threats. Read more »