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BoF Sessions

BoF Sessions

POSTED BY Deborah Fuzetto on November 10, 2009

Coordinate, plan, and prepare "Birds of a Feather" Sessions.

If you would like to reserve one of the AV rooms please email


Drupal for Churches

Had a great time in this BoF at Drupalcon DC. Would love to repeat at Drupalcon SF.

"BOF day"?

I noticed a "BOF Day" the day before Drupalcon on the schedule on the front page. Does this mean that all of the BOF sessions will have to be packed into the day before the conference, or will there be BoF space during the conference as well?

BOFs: Adobe Dreaweaver, Eclipse IDE

I'd like to be part of or spearhead two BOFs for my favorite editors:

- Dreamweaver: users and talk about workflow, and hear direct feedback about the extensions I've released for Drupal users at

- Eclipse IDE: developer oriented IDE for PHP. I've been releasing builds of a Drupal plugin for Eclipse PDT (

I am wondering the same.

I noticed a "BOF Day" the day before Drupalcon on the schedule on the front page. Does this mean that all of the BOF sessions will have to be packed into the day before the conference, or will there be BoF space during the conference as well?

I am wondering the same. The way it is worded it implies that it is only one day and yet the BoF page says, "We have facilities to host multiple BoFs at any time.", which gives the impression that BoFs will be present throughout DrupalCon.

There will be designated BoF

There will be eight rooms reserved for BoFs (three with AV) throughout the entire conference.

Educational BoF

I would like to suggest a session of universities/colleges/educational institutions using drupal. It would be great to discuss how its being used, how to use drupal in these type of environments, multisites, theming, etc.


Drupal Event Organizing BoF

There is some interest in having a Drupal Event Organizing/Local participation BoF again.

Migrating a Site to Mercury on EBS

Will anyone from the Mercury team be around to walk people through migrating a site to an EBS installation of Mercury?

BoF (discusiones abiertas) en DrupalCon SF sobre DrupalCamps

BoF (discusiones abiertas) en DrupalCon SF sobre DrupalCamps en America Latina, España y el Caribe

BoF in DrupalCon SF about DrupalCamps in Latin America, Spain and The Caribbean

I'm in on Eclipse, good stuff

I'm in on Eclipse, good stuff there.


Salesforce + Drupal together offer a powerful combination for non-profit organizations and traditional businesses alike.

The Salesforce project is approaching a release, and folks have other ways to use contribs like Salesforce Webform Integration, Ubercart / Salesforce Integration and non-contrib setups as well.

I'd love to demonstrate some of the integrations Message Agency has built for nonprofit organizations and also see how other folks are leveraging Salesforce + Drupal.

8 Rooms will be available

There will be 8 rooms designated for BoFs.
Three of them will have AV equipment.

Asia-Pacific DrupalCon & DCAPO

There will be a BoF about DrupalCon Asia-Pacific Organiser (DCAPO), probably on the Wednesday afternoon. See gdo for more details;

Salesforce: I would definitely be up for that...

Our company has been looking at Salesforce and Drupal independently -- I would love to chat about integration!


Yeah, totally in for this. I was thinking the same thing.

Mobile Websites and WebKit / iUI

I would love to host a BOF on making mobile versions of your website. Less about mobile Applications, but a mobile theme. Specifically to share a new improved modified version of iUI.

I hope to meet some CSS lovin mobile peeps.


Educational BoF

I'd be very interested in attending that BoF!

Please let me know if you need any help organizing, etc.


Count me in

A Salesforce BoF... This would interest me greatly, I hope this happens.

Science Centers & Museums

Anyone else interested in a BoF for science centers, museums, zoos, aquariums, etc.? Two of us from the California Science Center will be in attendance.

Drupal in Libraries?

or do we combine with Education.

Hey Aaron, We'll definitely

Hey Aaron,

We'll definitely be attending...I think there are others interested in this. perhaps we should reserve a room?

Libraries or Education

I'm not sure I'll have time for both Education and Libraries. But I will definitely be there for one!

Mapping and Geo

I'd love to see a mapping / geo / locative BOF session. There's a lot of cool stuff happening in the mapping world and Drupal. We've got the openlayers module, the geo module, and with Drupal7, we can finally start using postGIS in a real way. There is lots of exciting rumors out there of integrating Geoserver with Drupal, and using Drupal as a spatial data management system.

Suggestions on when we should book and AV Room for this?

Mapping and Geo BOF sounds great!

I am interstested in a mapping / geo / locative BOF session. Let me know when you are going to have it!



Drupal Accessibility

Discussing improvements on Drupal core. Looking back at Drupal 6 & supporting existing modules/themes/sites. Discussing contributed D7 themes & modules. Planning for Drupal 8, WAI-ARIA & ATAG 2.0.

But mostly an opportunity to talk to people who are passionate about accessibility & Drupal and have a chance to talk in person about issues we otherwise will be discussing online.

Drupal for Government

With the Whitehouse and other government agencies adopting Drupal it's useful to talk about some of the special concerns that arise when trying to implement innovative open source solutions into a rather large bureaucracy.

This is an opportunity for government staff & and the people who support them to talk about what's worked and what hasn't.

Issues of accessibility, security, usability, transparency may be discussed. Hopefully it will feed back into the Drupal government groups after the conference.

Drupal @ Musuems BoF session

I'd definitely be interested in a museum/informal education session (I work on Drupal sites for the exhibits division at the Science Museum of Minnesota).

Drupal @ Musuems BoF session

Great! I see Bryan Kennedy is coming from your neck of the woods as well, and I noticed a couple people from the Field Museum on the attendees list, so perhaps we can get a little group going.

I'm in Exhibits Development at the California Science Center and I'll be traveling with our Marketing Department designer. He's new to Drupal but is working with me on our ongoing website redesign.

Events, Tickets, and Sporting Competitions

I've launched a "commercial" site for race entries and seminars, and know that others have done similarly. Selling time-limited tickets, collecting competitor data, and having attendance/entry sheets, among other issues, are the challenges we face.

Who's in?

My site:

I'd be interested in a Geo BOF

New to the Drupal world, but not the GIS realm - would love to learn how others are using Drupal for mapping. Unfortunately I scheduled training for Sunday - is there another time we could have this? I have to admit though I really am not keen on missing sessions either as there are always at least two sessions in every time slot I'd love to be at!

How about 1:30 - 2:30PM on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday?

Let's do this, Museum Peoples

4 from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago will be there. Want to talk collections and exhibits?

+1 for Drupal for Churches

Phil, I'd definitely be up for this BoF.

Social Network Integration; future of Pressflow + Varnish

I've been thinking about 2 potential topics for BoFs: the state of social network integration with Drupal (i.e., modules like Gigya Socialize, RPX, Connector, Drupal for Facebook, Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, etc.) & implementing Pressflow + Varnish (the latter hopefully to be a discussion on how to further the work josh_k has done on the Varnish.module & mikeytown2 has done on Expire.module).

I think an AV room will be helpful for the former one. If anyone else is interesting in having the social network BoF, let me know and I'll contact the organizers to request an AV room.

Time/day suggestions for either BoF would be great as well. Note that unfortunately, I am leaving Wednesday morning, so I will not be able to make any BoFs later than the first session time on Wednesday.

DrupalChix BoF

We are planning the Drupalchix BoF here:

How many people will fit in the BoF rooms?

Wondering if the BoF rooms are all the same size & how many people will fit in the rooms.

Can we reserve a room ahead of time?

The Drupalchix are talking about 2:45-3:45 on Tuesday.
Do we need to make a room reservation? (I am seeing if we need A/V equipment, but my initial guess is no.)

Community plumbing

My session proposal on organising Drupal events never made it into the schedule, probably because only a handful of people actually organise them. I want to do a BoF about this, so we can exchange experiences in a smaller setting, but still help other community members to improve the quality of their events. The session will be about types of events, marketing, operational work, venues, catering. Basically everything you need to know and do when organising Drupal events.

The reason I proposed this talk is that lots of local communities see their events grow. This growth is mostly visible in numbers, but now always in quality, as that may require a lot of work and time, something volunteers never have enough of. Attend this BoF and help your fellow Drupallers to get the most out of their events!

I'd also be interested in an

I'd also be interested in an Educational BoF

Eclipse IDE, Accessibility

+1 Eclipse IDE
+1 Accessibility

count me in (Salesforce)

count me in

(Annoying the threads don't work)

I would be interested (Migrating a Site to Mercury on EB)

Is there a Mercury EBS image?

K-12 Digital Libraries> Developing Countries> A Drupal Platform

I see interest in Education (but mostly universities I think) and libraries (but bricks and mortar I assume). We are building a Digital Library platform for the K-12 community in developing countries.

The goals are:
A simple to use system in the vein of curriki, connexions, ck12, oercommons, etc.
A platform for building on like open atrium, tattler, etc.
An international community of developers and users from d.o, g.d.o and beyond.

I would like to talk about anything related to these issues and come up with action items to move this project forward.

Specific questions to start with:
Can a non-profit build a platform, or should a shop do that?
How do you keep the core simple with diverse stakeholders?
Who are the early adopters and how do you reach them?

Aegir Hosting System

What's possible now.

Scripts created to fill gaps in 0.3.

BCFG2 and Puppet (

Tips and tricks. E.g. platform organization on webservers...

If you would like to reserve

If you would like to reserve one of the AV rooms please email

A vote for Mapping and Geo

Would also love to see a BOF on mapping, geo, open layers, etc.

+1 Aegir BOF

I'd be interested in taking part in an Aegir BOF :)

I've been thinking about a series of articles/screencasts on 'developing for aegir' rather than the usual install guides. I imagine a lot of useful information could come out of a BOF to make that happen

Educational BoF

I'd also be interested in an Educational BoF. Drupal is gaining in popularity at Duke University, so I'm curious to learn about others' experiences.

Higher Ed BoF

A group of at least six is coming from Arizona State U. We'd definitely be up for a Higher Ed BoF.


I'll be hosting a BOF on Eduglu in addition (or in conjunction) with other Higher Ed BOFs

Drupal in Libraries?

I would really like to meet other folks from libraries -- especially academic libraries. I'm really interested in where you are hanging out on the Internet.