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POSTED BY Alex McFadyen on April 7, 2010

I've signed up to the Unconference and might even have something to contribute, but not yet had any feedback. Anyone know when they are going to start contacting people who have signed up / organizing things?


Unconference Info

Hi Alex,

We'll send out some specific information in the days right before the conference, but I'm putting some general information here.

This event is modeled on the Open Space Technology model, which has been mostly common used for BarCamps, DrupalCamps, and dozens of other variants. You can read about it here:

The "What to Expect" page is also an excellent guide:

We hope that everyone comes with something to contribute, or at the very least, comes prepared and ready to be an active participant in the event.

The Event's overall focus is on Drupal and Social Publishing. We have welcomed people and companies with topics that are either too new or too tangentially related to Drupal (new integrations, products and start-ups using Drupal, etc) to be included in the main conference program. At the same time, we also want to provide a space for more round-table type sessions, BOF-like discussions and multi-part presentations. In short, the event is what the participants make of it.

Starting at 10am, we'll make Opening Announcements and start opening up the board for sessions. We have plenty of rooms and five 45-minute time slots, with time between sessions for discussion. Anyone who wants to present should show up at 10am to fill out a card with their topic and claim a slot on the schedule (see here for an idea of what that looks like:

We'll have a bit of shuffling to get sessions into the most compatible time slots and encourage collaborative sessions with people with very similar topics, but by 11am, the presentations start. If there are any open time slots left after the initial planning and inspiration strikes, new sessions can be added.

We'll break for lunch offsite and there's an afternoon break for socializing, coffee, and collaboration.

If you want to give a session that requires a projector, we will have them available, but powerpoint decks are far from required.

We're hoping for this to be a casual, but inspiring event for everyone who attends and a great way to meet people before the full rush of the conference. If you have additional questions, please feel free to post them here or email me at

Cheers and Hope to See You There!