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WiFi at the conference

WiFi at the conference

POSTED BY Mike Potter on March 10, 2010

Does anybody know the status of WiFi in the part of the Moscone Center we will be using? I've heard that some areas of the center are good, but some parts get no WiFi at all, and I'm not sure which area we will be in. I'm also interested in what the cost might be, or if anybody knows of any nearby free WiFi hotspots.


Moscone says don't worry about it

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your question about WiFi. I'm on the planning committee and we've been told by Moscone that their WiFi is very reliable and good quality all over the Convention Center.



A better question is: Will it be free?

Free WiFi

The answer is that WiFi is free at the Con and in the hotels. Enjoy!

And will it work?

At DCSF, the WiFi quality was terrible -- I was rarely able to get on, and I'm far from the only person who had that problem. I think they weren't used to having that many people on WiFi at the same time, and didn't really have the infrastructure for it.

Are the Moscone folks any better prepared, and have they hosted geeky conferences like this one before?

They've had geeky conferences before

I was at Google I/O year before last. I'd swear there were 2,000-3,000 notebooks open during the keynotes. But that might be all Google and nothing to do with Moscone.

When I was at Moscone last

When I was at Moscone last year for Web 2.0 conference, the WiFi was horrendously slow, due to the massive amount of people on it. So be prepared for slow internet I would say.