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Antonio De Marco

Antonio started using Drupal from its 4.2 release while working as a researcher at the University of Milan.
In 2006 he was appointed as webmaster of Erasmus Student Network, one of the largest student organization in Europe. Together with Andrea and Peter, he launched the ESN Satellite project, a Drupal-based template for student organizations: more then 250 ESN sections all over Europe run their website nowadays using the ESN Satellite.
In 2007 he moved to Brussels to found Youth Agora, a non-profit organization advocating the use of open-source software among the broad European international NGOs world.
Increasingly stronger involvement in the Drupal community and a growing demand of Youth Agora partners for more target oriented cooperation led in 2008 to the constitution of Nuvole, a Drupal shop specialized in working with international NGOs.

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