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Orders disappeared!

Orders disappeared!

POSTED BY Marco Ottolini on March 15, 2010

I just received an email saying that many members of the site have not yet bought a conference ticket. I don't know why but I thought "it's strange"...
I went to my account and, zap! my orders are not there anymore...

Check yours!
Does anyone know how to report this?


The same thing happened to

The same thing happened to me.


Yow! That's very upsetting. Mine is gone, too, and if I click the order link in my receipt email, I get "Please log in" although I'm already logged in, in other words, access denied. My guess is, the orders somehow got disassociated from our accounts. I'm hoping they weren't lost! In any case, the moral is, keep your receipt!

I'm submitting a question through the Contact Us link below.

Orders aren't disappearing

Hello Marco,

We haven't noticed a problem with orders disappearing. However, if you're worried about your order you can confirm it by checking the "orders" tab under "my account" at the top right of your member profile. However, if your order is missing from that page you can get your order ID from the confirmation email you received after your order was processed.

If you still can't find your order please contact us directly through the contact form (

All the best,