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Random order of sessions for voting

Random order of sessions for voting

POSTED BY Thomas Bonte on February 17, 2010

Perhaps the sessions list ( can be randomized so the voting results will be more equally spread?


I was going to propose the

I was going to propose the same. Sessions at last page are not getting the attention they deserve...

Great suggestion!

Hear, hear! Can we vote on this, too? :-) Oh wait, I mean can somebody implement this without a vote, please?

Duplicate topic just posted

I didn't see this and accidentally just created a duplicate topic (

I think if this hasn't already been done it would be wise to extend the deadline, shuffle them and then send out a notice to everyone registered that voting ends soon. I am registered and I never received an email notice. The only way I found out about it was the Drupal Twitter channel.

Sessions Now Randomized

Hey everyone,
I know it's a little late, but the session list is now randomized.

random breaks pager

haha... I'm trying to browse all the sessions, but since the randomization affects all five pages of session, there's no way to see all the sessions. Know what I mean? The randomization breaks the pager.

seems to be working for me

Also, if you use the refine by track checkboxes at the top most of the tracks fit on one page.