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Guide for the blind

Guide for the blind

POSTED BY Everett Zufelt on March 17, 2010

Good morning,

I am happy to be attending DCSF. As some may know I am completely blind. I don't want to spread false information about the blind, we are able to travel relatively independently. However, in a busseling an unfamiliar environment there are sometimes challenges to traveling independently as a person who is blind. If there is anyone who might wish to assist me, making sure that i get where I'm going and don't end up standing in a corner crying alone (major exaggeration), I'd love to hear from you. I'll be in SF from Apr 18 - 21, so if a few people wanted to lend a bit of assistance things would be much easier for me.

You can drop a line here or contact me directly at everett (at) zufelt (dot) ca if you're interested in helping out for a day or a portion of a day. And maybe some of my web accessibility knowledge will rub off on you while we're at it.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to lend a hand / elbow,


Hiya Everett. It will be my

Hiya Everett.

It will be my pleasure! I'll send you an email in a moment with my contact details.


another elbow

Hi Everett,
If you will nee another helping hand (elbow), count me in.
I will email you.

I wish I could have helped

I wish I could have helped you there.