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Santhan Naidoo

Santhan loves the power of the Internet as a communication tool. He believes that the world has become a connected global community because of the Internet, and that this worldwide web is having a tremendous positive impact on everything in society today. He works to create more coherence in this virtual network, to grow and strengthen it so that the fruits of higher thinking, community, transparency and sharing of knowledge are available and accessible to all. Santhan is a steward at Mojah Media, an Internet agency that offers Drupal consulting and develops niche solutions out of Drupal to replace proprietary software and old clunky systems. Santhan believes the user is the hero and that Drupal, which was love at first site 4 years ago, is the promise of a pleasant journey for all web users including Grandma. Since moving to the U.S., he started jumping into frozen lakes because there are no waves in Iowa!

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