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What time are the pre-conference trainings Sun Apr 18?

What time are the pre-conference trainings Sun Apr 18?

POSTED BY on April 1, 2010

Hi - I cannot find any information on the pre-conference training times for Sun Apr 18.

My employer is asking about it. Could anyone please help?

I'm attending the Site Building with Drupal 7 - Chapter Three LLC pre-conference training.

Thanks in advance!



Training times

The trainings appear to all be 9 am - 5 pm on the Sunday before. In other words you can really only pick one pre-conference training to attend. Specifically the one you have chosen is 9 to 5. I will be in that class as well so I'll see you there. The DrupalCon site used to previously have a page with details on each of the conferences and how many spaces were left. I don't know where that page went but it was very useful.

Training Times for April 18th Sessions


I'm attending one of the CiviCRM classes that day and I was told that all the training will be in the same part of Moscone South as the rest of DrupalCon will be held in. The classes run from 9am to 5pm and check in will start around 8am on the 18th. When you check-in on the 18th they will tell you which particular room to go to.

Hope that helps.

~ Brian

Other CiviCRM classes NOT at Moscone

I would just like to clarify that we will only be holding one CiviCRM training class, taught by CivicActions.

There are other CiviCRM Training classes being held on Sunday April 18th too, that are not part of DrupalCon, and will be held at another venue. Please check which CiviCRM class you are signed up for so you can come to the right place on Sunday.