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Drupal Team for .comWars Laser Tag?

Drupal Team for .comWars Laser Tag?

POSTED BY Matt Cheney on April 4, 2010
Tags: laser tag

There is an opportunity to play laser tag with some other silicon valley types (, Teams are 6-12 players and it would be great to get a Drupal team! I am sadly not able to attend due to conference organizing commitments, but figured people could self organize to get a team + transportation.


.comWars will rock!

This is Ziggy, host of .comWars. We're going to rent a party-bus to ferry players from downtown SF to the in Memorial Park where we'll be playing outdoor lasertag. Our games will take place in a beautiful 12 acre redwood grove. We'll be playing 15 minute capture-the-flag games using state-of-the-art outdoor lasertag equipment. The guns we're using have a 1000' range, and a real-time radio link giving players instant hit confirmations. Each player will also be issued a two-way radio to scream for help from their teammates. It's going to be an incredible time!

.comWars Lasertag w/ Catered Lunch $60
Optional Campfire Dinner $25
Optional Party Bus to/from downtown SF $45
All afternoon of lasertag, w/ campfire dinner and Party bus $130
Spectator, catered lunch only $15

It would be great to have a Drupal team competing in this awesome event! Please contact me if anyone has any questions. Visit for more info.



The lastertag is now 5 weeks *after* the conference? That makes the listing here completely irrelevant in my opinion. Of course I'm only visiting for a week and got excited when I saw this. But May 31st? I don't see how events a month after the conference qualify.


I'd have to agree - I was a bit disappointed when I had learned that this was being held over a month after the conference itself, and don't really understand how it is relevant (not to knock the event itself - it sounds like a blast). That said, if there are any alternatives for those of us who will only be there for the week, I wouldn't mind doing that.