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Friday night: beers at Zeitgeist

Friday night: beers at Zeitgeist

POSTED BY mortendk on April 16, 2010

whos in for a cold one tonight

ive got locals telling me that Zeitgeist is a pretty cool place to hang out so how about that ?

gonna be there from around 19.00 (7 for you americans) or so tonight



Oh Zeitgeist is incredible!

Oh Zeitgeist is incredible! You'll love the mission.
Other gems are Magnolia (Haight), 21st Amendment (Soma), and Toronado. I'm sad I made plans tonight, everyone's getting together! I'm justifying it by how pooped we'll all be come wed. night after back-to-back parties :)

Great someone else is here early!

Count me in. I could use a good beer.


Will definitely be around! I've also heard good things from a friend about a place called Whiskey Thieves...


If I can be good and get all my work done tonight, we'll stop by! (though probably not until around 8pm). Zeitgeist is great, and you have a clear path of bars to follow all the way back to the outer Mission. :)