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"Intro to module development" Hands-On Training - Build a / GotDrupal

Class Description

Taught by two seasoned developers who have over 5 years combined Drupal experience, in this training you'll be exposed to tips and tricks that normally take years to uncover. Plus, we're fun guys and guarantee you'll not only learn a lot, but you'll have a good time, too.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting a development environment set up
  • Building your first module
  • Introduction to module hooks
  • Module theming
  • Working with CSS and javascript files
  • Using access control
  • Making your module customizable
  • Creating forms with the Forms API
  • Working with database tables and module installation files
  • Writing secure code
  • Debugging tools and tips
  • Registering for a Drupal developer's account and contributing your module
  • Bonus topics: Patching, AJAX and Selenium IDE