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Green Conference

Green Conference

POSTED BY Jonathan Hebel on November 14, 2009

We want to do our part for the environment so we are dong everything we can to make this conference green.  Here are some great tips!

  • Remember to sign up for towel reuse (specific how-to for hotel)
  • Public transit in San Francisco works well, so there's no need to rent a car or take a taxi from the airport.
  • Mountain fresh water from the tap. Whatever quality of water you have at home, skip bottled water and drink from the tap in SF.


Moscone Center

Here's the info on the Moscone Center's sustainability initiatives:

carbon offsets

Does "doing everything we can to make this conference green" include offsetting its carbon emissions?

Buying an offset for my own travel to and from Kansas cost less than $12.

Transit from Airports

Best way to help make DrupalCon green is to not drive.

BART has frequent service from San Francisco Int'l (SFO) and Oakland Int'l (OAK) airports. It stops within two blocks of the conference venue. Rates to downtown SF (exit Powell Street station) are $8.10 from SFO, and $3.80 from OAK.

BART has good options for mobile access to schedules too:

Transit by Bus Within San Francisco

Best way to help make DrupalCon green is to not drive.

San Francisco's bus system, a.k.a., Muni (mew-nee) stops within two blocks of almost every address with the 49 square mile city limits.

For easy access to routes and schedules check NextMuni, and will tell when the next bus will arrive at the station near you. They've got a very usable mobile version too.


Do you have any recommendations on renting a bicycle around town? Is SF bike friendly?

Same question. Would really

Same question. Would really appreciate a response.

Some bicycling resources

SF is pretty bike friendly - there's traffic and hills, but we have a huge cycling community and tons of bike lanes.

Check out the biking maps that the SF bike coalition has online - a good hill-avoiding route to know is THE WIGGLE:

And for rentals, try:


Thanks benStallings for the

Thanks benStallings for the Moscone center's link.