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Financial Support

Financial Support

POSTED BY on November 12, 2009

Looking for financial help to come to DrupalCon? Want to sponsor an attendee?


what's the deal with lunch?

This is a little off-topic, but I can't post a new topic... can someone explain how $150 for three sack lunches is supposed to be an appealing deal? Or was there a typo? If it's a mistake, I hope you'll fix it so that other people will have the opportunity to eat on site... sharing tables with random fellow Drupalistas was one of the best things about DrupalCon DC last year, and I hate to miss out on it, but I can't see spending $50 for a sandwich, chips, and a drink!

Need sponsoring for getting to San Francisco..

I would like to get more info on how to get a scholarship or to get sponsoring! Seeing this topic I immediatly raise my hand to get a sponsorship from somebody.

To give you a little insight why I want that so badly? It all started with a schoolproject with drupal after which I started to work for krimson ( Belgium drupal company for about a year and was bombed into the world of profession drupal development. Currently I am studing to get my Masters after that job and still do some kind of freelance jobs in drupal to finance my studies.

Now.. I'm planning to do my master thesis about open source and most propable drupal specific so I could use the knowledge of the Drupalcons. So please check my profile in and give me some response. In trade of a sponsorship I can blog extensively or be volunteer in drupalcon or you name it and we can discuss it :-)



The $50 per lunch was set by the venue. DrupalCon SF is only offering it as an option. Because the Bay Area was the birthplace of California Nouvelle Cuisine, there are hundreds of restaurants in San Francisco (many within only blocks of the convention center). Personally, I won't be getting a boxed lunch, and will, instead, be exploring all of the great places nearby. I'd definitely suggest going on to Yelp before buying the lunch.

for the record, the official

for the record, the official place for scholarship information:

Hi Nick Tell us your country

Hi Nick
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mistake post

Sorry, I made a post, but I found out I was mistaken and tried to remove it but couldn't.