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Video for Drupal Distributions Session - Wed. 8:30am

Video for Drupal Distributions Session - Wed. 8:30am

POSTED BY on April 27, 2010

I have found most of the videos for sessions, with the exception of the Distributions on session from Wednesday at 8:30am.

Any information regarding when / if this video will be posted would be much appreciated.




No, that one did go up alright. Check the session page again or get it at
As I'm posting this only the drush video is broken. All other session videos (I counted 131!) have now been uploaded. This has to have been a huge amount of work and it is still only a week after the conference. Thank you so much video team volunteers, I can't stress enough my appreciation for all that work.

Edit: ... and the drush session video is fixed!!!

Thanks to all the volunteers!!

I want to thank you for all your hard work!! Conference has only been over a week, and thanks to you I have been able to keep my learning momentum going and watch the sessions I missed.

You rock!!


All of the videos in one place

Thanks for all of the videos! Are there any place in the internet with all of the sessions videos in one package? It will be nice to have a torrent!