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Vegans at the conference?

Vegans at the conference?

POSTED BY Richard Gilbert on March 5, 2010

Hello out there! I just registered, and am coming down from Seattle for Drupalcon 2010!

I am vegan, and I'm wondering how many fellow vegans would like to explore San Francisco's wonderful world of vegan eateries during the conference.

Aside from Herbivore, which is absolutely wonderful, SF's got some hidden vegan gems as well...

~ Richard


Count me in!

Hey Richard!

I do the nutritarian gig, which is vegan most of the year. Let's hook up for some meals!


Hi Richard, I'm vegetarian,

Hi Richard,

I'm vegetarian, but lean more towards vegan, I've ordered the Vegan lunch boxes..

I'd be more than happy to experience the SF vegan eateries.



I'm a vegetarian coming from Denver. Would love to find vegan restaurants. When I was in grad school at Berkeley (many years ago), there was a fab veggie restaurant called Lotus Garden in Chinatown. Don't know if it's still there, but I plan to look for it.

Great, nice to see I won't be

Great, nice to see I won't be dining alone some evenings! We'll have to get in touch at the conference. I am "bixgomez" on twitter -- follow me!

me too

I'm vegetarian and would love to join.

Cha-Ya in the Mission is easy to get to by BART and delicious vegan/veggie Japanese. Gracias Madre (nearby) is a hypey new vegan taqueria that I've been meaning to check out.


I was wondering

how to find great vegan food in SF. Thanks for the post and for sharing restaurant names.

Bay Area Vegan and Vegetarian

Bay Area Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyle Guide

Greens would be a great place

Greens would be a great place to check out. I have a friend that swears by it.

Sunday Dinner?

I don't have plans yet for Sunday. Anybody else in the same situation? Want to pick a place for dinner and pre-conference chat?

Sunday Dinner!

I looked at the SF Vegan Guide and found this one which looks great in Chinatown: Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant, 839 Kearny St at Washington St (about 8 blocks up from the Montgomery St BART station). They also have another location, but this one is closer to the conference. Yelp rating is good. Comments say it is clean, cheap, delicious, and healthy. How about Sunday at 6pm?

I'm doing training on Sunday

I'm doing training on Sunday during the day, just trying to figure out how we meet up, anyone else doing any trainings?

juice bars

Hey, I'm not currently vege/vegan but have been in the past and do try to eat a lot of vegetables, vege juice and raw foods and was hoping to find healthy places to eat anyway, so I'd also be up for exploring with other folks. Does anyone know of a good green juice bar?

Count me in too

I am vegan it would be great to flock together. I am attending Sunday training. Hope to catch you.


I will be in Drupal Scalability and Performance Workshop. How about you.

I'll be attending Drupal

I'll be attending Drupal Module Development, I'll be wearing an orange t-shirt with a tiger face on it.

I am in Room 274

I am in Room 274 wearing a black top top and jeans. Will look for you I am @732 874 4127

I'm in Modules dev on the

I'm in Modules dev on the East side, can't remember the room number

I added a bunch of you to my

I added a bunch of you to my Twitter just now,

My phone is 303.263.8351, I had lunch with Richard today and would love to meetup with the rest of you afterwards. I am wearing a grey Lullabot t-shirt (red robot on it) and about 5' 11" with brown hair. I am in CiviCRM beginner class. Lets all meetup for dinner tonight after we finish!


I'm not on twitter, and I'm not in training, but I'd like to join you if you post the time/place here. In my earlier post, I suggested Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant in Chinatown, but I'm open to any suggestion. I'm headed out for sightseeing now. Will check this forum later. Have fun!

Hey Tena, In case we don't

Hey Tena,

In case we don't post back here feel free to text/call me at 303.263.8351 to get a status update on our plans.

Lunch monday

Votes for lunch spots on Monday?

If anyone were feeling particularly intrepid, perhaps an itinerary of locations and times could be suggested for the next few days. Might make coordination easier.