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Live screening of drupalcon

Live screening of drupalcon

POSTED BY Sheshadri on March 18, 2010

Dear Organizers,

Is there going to be live screening of the drupalcon. It will be good to have a screen for people who cannot attend drupalcon.



All content will be posted ASAP

Hello Sheshadri,

We intend to post content as soon as we can from as many of the speakers as we can. We want as many people as possible to have access to all the great talks at the Con.

Hope you can make it after all.

All the best,


I expect these choices have

I expect these choices have already been made, but - have you considered services like

We've been looking into them for local Drupal meetups. The software seems to work VERY well its allows live streaming of video and audio AND also then puts up the video for replay later in a library format.

An additional idea is to do 2 streams per room (as they are so easy to set up / use) on from a camera pointed at the speaker/table and a 2nd from the presenters computer, this will get over the problem of missing critical bits of information (or visual queues) when the camera person is looking at the wrong thing.

Grappling with too many incredible talks

Looking at the schedule there are at least two, if not four concurrent sessions in each time slot I would love to attend. Is there any way to know what talks will be made available later for viewing online, so I may prioritize my attendance at those that may not make the cut? Perhaps add a movie icon to those talks on the schedule you know will be filmed? This would help greatly with planning. Thanks!

Based on previous DrupalCons,

Based on previous DrupalCons, they try to get every session online within a few weeks.

Right, but with livestream

Right, but with livestream (and other services) its available live and then instantly (more or less) after being recorded as a library / archive.

Bump - no more info on this?

Bump - no more info on this?

European people will not be present: please give us video feeds!

Beacuse of a volcano eruption in Iceland (, almost nobody traveling from Europe will be able to attend DrupalCon.
Can you give us, poor europeans, a way to partecipate to the conference, if not trought live videoconfering, at least with recorded video feeds?


Second that, video feeds would be great!

I don't know how many attendees are effected by the ash cloud, but it seems like it's a pretty large number of people. If we could follow at least the most important sessions through video streams, it would be a great compensation for not going!

We're 17 from NodeOne not going due to this absurdly unexpected ash cloud. It seems very unlikely that more Europeans north of Spain will make it to SF by the time the conference starts. Take a look at this flight radar – it's not loading flight data, there simply aren't any flights.

We can always check out the

We can always check out the volcano livetream webcam :-)


The volcano has a videostream but the conference hasn't? ;)

Any news on this?

It's been mentioned that Brightcove will arrange live streams for stranded participants, but I haven't heard anything official.

The map of Drupalistas stuck in Europe now shows about 80 people, and there are many who haven't added their names..

Volcano Ash-sistance

If there is anything someone stuck in th UK can do re: post production / ftp managment to get the archives up and runnning on then do let me know.