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Is it possible to ask for a refund?

Is it possible to ask for a refund?

POSTED BY William Eaton on April 16, 2010

I am unable to get to the US due to the volcano eruption in Iceland. My trip from Spain requires a connection in London and as best as I have tried, I cannot make it to the conference - and believe me I have tried!!!

Is it possible in light of the circumstances to get a refund for the ticket?

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Will Eaton


Unfortunately, this is

Unfortunately, this is happening at such a late date that most of the conference is already paid for, so there might not be much we can do about changing our no-refunds policy. We are still keeping an eye on the severity of the situation and if anything changes we will let you know.


Same for me...

I should leave tomorrow from Italy but it seems that tonight airports will be closed here as well. No way to reach San Francisco by train...
So, please consider a refund or a way to access the conferences and sessions trough video feeds...


I am still scheduled for

I am still scheduled for Monday but might not get there at all if the situation changes again. If that happens, I am happy to donate the amount of the ticket to Drupal Association

Same for me too

We cannot get flights from London this week as our original flights have een cancelled. I think the rest of Europe are the same and Virgin have advised that there will be limited travel for the full week. With this in mind I think Europeans will struggle to get to Drupalcon.

I have been advised to try and sell our ticket on the forums, and I also wonder about claiming for it as a cancelled trip altough cost vs excess is a bit limited. It's not a bad thought to consider it a donation as we all get a lot from Drupal...

A really fantastic thing would be to get some access to feeds etc for the conference then we wouldnt feel as though we had missed out so much as we watch the conference from our offices in Europe with volcanic ash looming over us!

Have a great Drupalcon everyone that goes!


I hope to fly out from Munich

I hope to fly out from Munich tomorrow morning. Airspace is still closed till 20:00 tonight here, and the volcano seems to stay active.

Im not asking for a refund, but I expect a lot of people from Europe wont be able to make it to SF...

Stuck in Europe?

Hey guys,

So, I'm in the same boat as you. Stranded in Europe. Any of you want to make the best of the situation and meet up in Paris (or some other central location?) for some biere and commiseration? We can talk Drupal as well of course. :)

If enough of you are down with this, I can scout out a good bar in Paris.

Chris Slater

Sam here

Although it really hurts, not being able to attend, I won't ask for a refund either.

Offer your tickets to San Francisco Students?

Why not off the equivalent of a scholarship by giving your registration details to a student or small business in the local area??? I am trying to do this but not managed to reach anyone yet. if anyone is interested in 2 tickets.


Your sentiments are so generous. I recently finished university and I am hoping to attend this conference to step into CMS development, but can't quite qualify as a student (categorized as unemployed). Would appreciate your donated ticket if you decide not to attend though! islandspirit |at| gmail.