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Drupal newbies pick a pro's brain

Drupal newbies pick a pro's brain

POSTED BY on April 13, 2010

Wondering if there will be any opportunities for those that are not yet Drupal pros--but on their way--to pick a pro's brain. It would be great if there could be a small group where we could ask questions about issues we are having, get tips etc.


Picking Brains

I'm not confident where I fit into the Drupal food chain. I've been doing Drupal sites as part of my daily work for 4 years. Technically, that makes me a pro-- but I think I'm in your boat: I want to pick the brain of some of the high IQ types who work with Drupal and would be willing share knowledge.
Maci? What about a Birds-of-a-feather session? Or some ways for people at our skill level to cross-fertilize from each other's experience?

- Mike