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Mike DeWolfe

Programming since the 1980s-- on IBM XTs, Apple ][s and Ataris. I took a break to concentrate on writing and returned to programming to take up web development in 1996 using Perl, Active Server Pages and then PHP/MySQL. I love to work with PHP, MySQL and the LAMP stack on the server; and JQuery, CSS and HTML on the client. In between, I love to work with API tie-ins to different data sources like Flickr, Amazon, Twitter, New York Times and Daylife.
In Drupal, I try to make the most of the modules in play, using combinations to make interesting end results I have done a number of custom modules for my work and experiments with other modules. Where possible, I try to achieve my end results by mining existing modules and doing mash-ups in PHP enabled pages; as well as in standalone pages that bootstrap from Drupal.
In my life outside of Drupal, I write, cook, sculpt. I'm big of photography, videography and trying to turn my evil genius into the Next Big Thing. Or at least my own Next Big Thing Username: