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Any Masons going to Drupalcon?

Any Masons going to Drupalcon?

POSTED BY Andy Chase on April 18, 2010

Hi everybody,

Just a quick shout out to ask whether there are any other Masons attending Drupalon, for a couple of reasons:

  1. I'd like to do a BoF session on 'Drupal for Lodges'
  2. It so happens that Mission Lodge #169 is meeting Tuesday evening at 7:00, and it would be great to pay them a visit. (Be sure to bring a current dues card.)

Drop me a line if either or both of these sound interesting!



Drupal for Lodges

Hi Andy,

I am not attending this event but would like to talk with you about Masonry. Feel free to email me at itconsultant03 at yahoo dot cm.
and please tell me about what you intend to discuss at a "Drupal for lodges" session.