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Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart

Aaron Stewart is the co-founder and Director of Engineering for WorkHabit. He is constantly working on the bleeding edge of technology, building innovative mashups and extending business systems with the latest and greatest.

His first foray into the internet world began in 1995, working on America’s Choice Mall, one of the first online shopping malls.

Having established a solid base in internet software development, he began a career as a consultant, working with Organic Online on several online properties, as well as working with the Exploratorium where he developed several sections for their Webby-award winning online property.

Aaron later took on a position as Production Manager for the San Francisco branch of Icon Medialab, focusing on front-end development, user experience, HCI, and backend software integration. He delivered ecommerce solutions for Cisco, the New York Museum of Modern Art, and won a Web Site Award for technical achievement for Qvale Mangusta, an online showcase site for their revolutionary new vehicle. Aaron also spent time unifying production processes across the 18 different offices that Icon had world-wide, interacting with production leads in New York and Madrid to develop a unique business process that yielded a 150% increase in customer satisfaction.

Before founding WorkHabit, Aaron spent 5 years as a software engineer at Alexa Internet, a subsidiary of, developing and maintaining the Alexa Toolbar, as well as building out Alexa’s web services platform to make it the first pay-as-you-consume web service on Amazon’s Web Service platform.

Outside of work, Aaron hikes and bikes to the extreme. You can frequently find him at cafe’s all around Sacramento, and sometimes the idle pub. His cats (of which he has two) usually stay at home.

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