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Activities for spouse, partner, gf/bf, parents, and kids

Activities for spouse, partner, gf/bf, parents, and kids

POSTED BY on November 10, 2009
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We have tried to list some great ideas in our tourism section. But please share, San Francisco is a big city!


Things to do in SF websites

Here's a list of events websites to check out:

1) FunCheapSF
The name explains it all.

2) Goldstar - San Francisco
Big time discounts to shows, venues, and activities in town. I'm a big fan. I've treated tourists to Bay cruises and shows with tickets form the site.

3) The Squid List
Art, culture & tech events

4) SF Station

1 Word

Alcatraz... it's history. it's movies, it;s cool!

Here is the only place to get tickets to go on the island.

Other tours can cruise by but this is the only official one that can stop

Kids Activities around SF

We love the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, just across the Golden Gate Bridge. (
There are indoor and outdoor activities that can keep kids busy all day.

The San Francisco Zoo is also fun ( Be sure to bring a coat, as the zoo is right beside the ocean and can be quite chilly.

The California Academy of Sciences is a new, state of the art museum that includes natural history, an aquarium and planetarium. The regular cost is quite pricey, but luckily Wednesday, April 21st (during Drupalcon) is their monthly free day! (

The Exploratorium is a fun science museum for older kids. The one and only time that I've been, my son was still a baby so it wasn't really suitable, but I'm sure he would have fun now. (

If there are other moms with young kids (I have a 3.5 year old son, and a baby on the way that will be about 2 months at Drupalcon) that want to do some group activities, I could find out about group discounts and transportation, etc.

Cheers, Govinda (chris's wife)

Muse in concert April 14th (Oakland)

Muse, the awesome progressive rock band, is in concert April 14th, a few days before the pre-conference dates. They're performing in Oakland at some arena. Check Ticketmaster for details.

Join the Drupalgängers

The Drupalgängers are an unofficial group of spouses, partners and s/os who have been organizing (and disorganizing) activities before and during DrupalCons for the past couple years. There is a thread for this DrupalCon at or you can just go toängers

Drupalgängers is for everyone. You don't need a conference registration, but you will need to get an account on the site to post.