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Skydiving Drupalers -- Thursday

Skydiving Drupalers -- Thursday

POSTED BY Louis-Eric Simard on April 18, 2010

Experienced Skydiver or wanting to try ?

If we have 5 or more people who want to go, I'll organize a group to a local drop zone. This is open to first time jumpers (where you'll jump attached to an instructor -- it is a thrill but it is a lot less scary than migrating you production site to D7 alpha) and experienced jumpers alike (you'll need your USPA registration or number for that -- Canadians: that's CSPA for us, Solo license & up; international : check with the USPA for equivalencies)

If you are unsure or are curious about the event or would like answers to questions or concerns, just come and chat at the con; I'm a bearded 6'2'' French Canuck with brown glasses and a parachute pin necklace:

The average cost in North America for a tandem jump is about $220; for solo with gear rental it is about $65. Without gear rental it is approx $25.


Louis-Eric Simard
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I brought my rig from Colorado to skydive here. As far as I know the dropzone in Lodi (it's a huge dropzone) has the cheapest jump prices in the whole nation ($5 hop'n pops, $15 to full altitude, $100 tandems - tandem is what you do if you're a first timer). Lodi is apparently 1,5 hour drive away from downtown SF, the problem is to find a ride there so I'd be very interested if anyone's going. Feel free to reach me via my cell, 954 - 247- 8652


Looks good Mehmet ! A few

Looks good Mehmet ! A few more people indicated interest at the events tonight. What we need though is replies: if you are reading this you have to let me know and give me a phone number, as I have to confirm with the DZ to make sure that the winds are right before we go.


It's a go ! Conditions are

It's a go ! Conditions are good, we'll rent a car; if you are interested call me ASAP. Probably leaving around 9AM.