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More energy and zing for geeks and techies who lost their swing. Yoga sessions!

More energy and zing for geeks and techies who lost their swing. Yoga sessions!

POSTED BY Santhan Naidoo on February 22, 2010

With all these ideas zooming through our minds, opportunities everywhere, multi-tasking, wearing different hats and so much to do it feels like we're spreading ourselves a little thin. The body has been complaining and the knots are starting to get a little uncomfortable. The sedentary work style has a price. What to do?

Jen Lampton from the DCSF Team suggested I post here to see if anyone's interested in yoga sessions. We would get a room on the Mezzanine level. The sessions would be 45min to an hour for people of all fitness levels and ages. In the yoga session you learn a series of postures and breathing exercises that will keep your energy high, body relaxed and mind more steady. The sessions would take place early in the morning or early evening after the days Drupal sessions.

I've been practicing yoga since 2004. I've observed how my body and mind re-acts to the practice and what happens when I stop practicing for a month. Things start to get knotted up and sore, and my mind gets jittery. When I keep a daily practice, I remain energized, relaxed and focused through the day and night with enough extra energy to play between and after work.

We'll work out the details after we see the interest. Say hello below if you're in.

One Love,
Drupal session proposal:


Yoga and Massage

Hey there - I teach yoga, as well as do massage, and would be willing to set up healing space if you have a room for it. I'm also into drupal, and know some good work for geek-tense, neck, shoulders, back, etc.

Let me know if you'd like to have a drupal healing village!