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Amy Shoemaker

Amy Shoemaker

Following a life long interest in Performing Arts, Amy joined ISL as a Producer in the Winter of 2008. Since her humble beginnings managing game development and customer service for, she has made great strides managing a massive multi-site Drupal installation for ISI Brands. Her latest endeavor was working with Cheryl Greene to give a complete overhaul, moving the site from multiple servers and platforms into one cohesive site managed through Drupal, hosted at RackSpace.

Amy's extensive arts background makes her a dynamic addition to the ISL team. Her perpetual fascination with aesthetic form, word function and user behavior on the web motivate her to continually push boundaries and create new solutions to problems that arise during development and production. She holds a BFA in Directing for Theatre from Drake University and a Masters in Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion.

Outside ISL, Amy is a member of Wing It! Performance Ensemble and a certified teacher of InterPlay, a body-based practice that relieves stress and fosters creative freedom. She is most interested in the way identity manifests in different cultures through art and religion—though the workings of the internet are pretty fascinating too.

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