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Media Module: Multimedia in Drupal 7

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
310 Drupal Association

Presented by

Jody Hamilton (Jody Lynn)
andrew morton (drewish)
Katherine Senzee (ksenzee)
Configuration, Set-up & AdministrationConfiguration, Set-up & Administration
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The Media module is poised to bring media in Drupal (images, video, audio, documents, etc.) into a united, powerful, and beautiful system for Drupal 7.

Come see a demo of the module in action, learn how to develop additional integration, understand stream wrappers and the related file system changes that went into core Drupal 7. This session is appropriate to beginners through expert users, as this module is intended to become a standard building block of most Drupal sites.

  • Thanks to PHP stream wrapper functionality landing in Drupal 7, Media module treats internal and external files the same way, and therefore is the successor to Embedded Media Field module.
  • It allows files to be placed into wysiwyg textareas, eliminating the need for iMCE module in many cases.
  • It uses Field API to allow custom meta-information to be included with files.
  • It has a powerful system for customizing the display of media.

Aaron Winborn and Jacob Singh are currently doing most of the Media Module development, with additional work done by over a dozen top Drupal developers, through online collaboration and a series of code sprints. This panel will be led by Katherine Senzee, Arthur Foelsche, Andrew Morton and Jody Hamilton.

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Industry: education, entertainment, media, non-profit

More about Media:

  • It implements Media file/stream assets as a fieldable entity, becoming a first-class Drupal object alongside nodes, users, comments, and taxonomy, and allowing the attachment of any field or taxonomy to media; this feature will hopefully see its way into core Drupal 8.
  • It works with YouTube, Flickr, and more, allowing, for instance, editors to choose YouTube videos alongside local images with WYSIWYG, which will be safely embedded inline to the content or as a field.
  • It fully utilizes Drupal 7's new File API and Stream Wrappers, so that private and public file systems can be mixed on the same server; it can be easily extended to work with any external media provider, Amazon S3, CDN, etc; and it stores all media in the core File system, allowing for the easy reuse of files and streams.
  • It will, by the time of the conference, also work with any other file upload in core, such as User pictures, Theme logos, etc.

And more, so much more!

Looking forward to his Jody!



Will there be anything in your presentation about video and iPhone compatability?

I liked the previous version of the title ('Media module: welcome to awesome') :P

Will this cover HTML5 "video" tag and rendering differences between brwosers? A.k.a. IPhone web multimedia.