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where to sell my ticket?

where to sell my ticket?

POSTED BY Karim Ratib on March 16, 2010

I won't be able to attend DCSF, even though I purchased the ticket the day they went on sale (grrrrr). So my question is, since there is no refund, where can I sell it? And how can I transfer the ticket to someone else?


We don't allow reselling of tickets

We could really use your ticket as part of our scholarship program. Donating to the scholarship program is way to give back to the Drupal Community. Although we have spots for 20 scholarship recipients, we've received applications for many more than that.

If you would be willing to donate your ticket, please contact us with the Order ID from your confirmation email. You can contact us by going to

Thanks so much.

All the best,


Transfer ticket to co-worker

I don't want to resell my ticket, but rather transfer it to my co-worker since my company paid for the ticket, we still want to benefit as a company from the conference.


Ticket Transfers OK

If you would like to transfer your ticket from one person to another please contact us with the Order ID of your original ticket purchase (this can be found in the confirmation email sent at the time of purchase) and the Full Name and username of the person who will be attending instead.

Jen Lampton, DCSF Team

Can you confirm something?

2 members of our development team were supposed to be going down to DCSF next week, but due to our current workload we cannot make it. We are now in the position of wanting to sell our 2 tickets to try to recover some of the lost funds that we alllocated so far.

Is the reselling of tickets not endorsed or prohibited?
Is it too late to donate them to the scholarship program?


~Dion DiFelice