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Jay Hartley

Jay Hartley

Jay has a deep background in developing and supporting award winning, highly scalable consumer and business to business web sites across a variety of industries. Currently, he is leading the seamless transition of all Taunton's web sites from proprietary technologies into being fully Open Source solutions. The majority of Taunton's traffic is now supported by Drupal, PHP, Codeigniter and MySQL.

Currently, Jay's focus is on spurring the adoption of Drupal in Enterprises worldwide. In particular, leveraging Enterprise development strategies and methodologies to provide cost effective, highly scalable Drupal sites, as well as a robust community of highly talented Drupal Professionals.


* Community/Media Platforms, * LAMP / Open Source * Drupal / WordPress * Cloud Computing * Creating Uniquely Differentiated Internet / Web Services Solutions, * Business Process Re-engineering, * Service Delivery Optimization, * Building Application Service Provider Technology, Professional Services and Operations Organizations * HIPAA Security * PCI Security * Technology Cost Containment * Service Delivery Optimization

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