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Anna Murray

Anna Murray

Anna P. Murray, is a native New Yorker, whose family has been in New York for many generations – her great-grandfather was the partner of Thomas Edison. Anna founded Internet Marketing firm, e*media, inc. in 1996. Over the past eleven years, Anna has gained national recognition as an Internet specialist for her ability to craft online programs for national and international companies.

Her achievements include:

• Creating an the first branded multimedia game, Mott’s Mind Castle (1994).
• Launching many consumer goods’ companies first web sites, including one for the Keebler elves!
• Launching an Instant-Messenger “bot,” a program so groundbreaking it was covered in the Wall Street Journal.
• Regular speaker at industry gatherings such as Ad:Tech, Jupiter Media, the Direct Marketing Association, and the Yale School of Management.
• Publishing numerous articles and books, including a book on e-Marketing Strategies (Marketing Sherpa, 2003).

In 2005, e*media was acquired by the Technology Management Group to form tmg-e*media, inc. Now she serves as the President of the e*media division of the combined companies.

Over its history, tmg-emedia has had the privilege of working with several prestigious clients in various sectors of business, media, e-business, and the non-profit world. Some examples include the Kellogg Corporation, Keebler, Del Monte, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Citibank, The Kress Foundation, National Cancer Institute, The National Institutes of Health, ICM, Facts on File News Services, World Almanac, Summit Business Media, Harvard Business Publishing, Slate, The Atlantic Group, and most recently as the acting CIO of Time Out North America.


In her role as e-marketer, Anna writes professional articles for Marketing Sherpa, Retail Wire, Small Business News, and others. She is also the author of the book, “CPG eMarketing Guidebook: Stop wasting money & get measurable results” (Marketing Sherpa, August 2003). In 1998, Anna also wrote the highly successful “Sarah’s Page,” a book for girls ages 9-16.


Anna graduated Summa Cum Laude from Yale, and taught English and drama in New York City for 5 years. During that time, she received her M.S. in Journalism from Columbia, where her thesis won the James A. Weschler scholarship. Her journalistic experience includes work for NewsOne, the ABC News satellite feed service, and World News Tonight.

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