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Adrian Rossouw

Adrian Rossouw

Adrian is a senior developer at Development Seed. He is the father of Aegir, a set of contributed modules useful for hosting and managing huge numbers of Drupal sites. Adrian is a veteran Drupal developer whose major enhancements to the project include the PHPTemplate engine, Drupal’s install system and install profile/distribution system, and Drupal’s Forms API.

For more than six years now, Adrian has been working with Drupal and is one of the few people who can say that they were at the very first DrupalCon (Antwerp, 2005). At Development Seed, Adrian spends most of his time working on tools and strategies to help us with very large scale Drupal deployments. By providing a simple Drupal based hosting front end for networks of websites with Aegir, Adrian’s work is opening up the possibility of this kind of scaling for the entire Drupal community.

Adrian lives in Cape Town, South Africa

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