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Andy Lowe

Andy is the founder of the Ubercart e-commerce project. Andy became an open source advocate while getting his computer science degree. After a soul sucking two year stint as a computer security consultant for the FBI Andy returned home to help with his family's restaurant equipment business to build it's e-commerce site.
After building several successful e-commerce sites Andy became keenly aware of the limitations of e-commerce software at the time. As with most open source projects, Ubercart was born as a result of Andy's desire to "scratch an itch." Andy wanted to build an e-commerce application that would meet his needs and saw the opportunity to give back to the community by releasing it as an open source module, so he hired Ryan and Lyle, introduced them to, and trained them in, PHP and Drupal and together they started Ubercart.
Today Andy continues to direct and guide the Ubercart project while maintaining a staff of full time Ubercart developers and a dozen or so e-commerce sites. In his free time he likes to snowboard, play Ultimate Frisbee, and try to keep pace with his two Siberian Huskies.

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