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Views Demystified - Part 1

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
304 Phase2 Technology

Presented by

Rain Breaw (rainbreaw)
SunRain Productions
Doug Vann (dougvann)
Welcome to DrupalWelcome to Drupal
First impressions: Watch overviews and tutorials for those new to the community.

Doug Vann & Rain Breaw are teaming up to propose a two-session set on Views, which are intended to work together. These sessions will break Views down into the nuts and bolts. In both sessions, we'll actually *do* the configuration right in front of you, and show variations and even ways to break your setup!

Note that these are nitty-gritty sessions for beginners or anyone still fighting with views to get it to do exactly what you want. We will not (really) cover Arguments and Relationships or Theming, which will be covered in other already proposed sessions.

If you are new or newish to Views, however, please come to our sessions before going to the other sessions, or you will not get the most out of them!

Additionally, these sessions will build on each other. Views Demystified 2 will assume you have been exposed to everything covered in Views Demystified 1.

Views Demystified 1 will cover:

  • Overview of the Views UI (including cloning and creating a new View)
  • Node view with Fields (other types to be covered in Views Demystified 2)
  • Page and Block Displays
  • Filtering by Node Type and Publishing Settings to get the content you want
  • Most commonly needed sorting options, including Date, Title, Updated, Commented, Random and Sticky
  • Working with Fields, including selecting the ones you want, organizing them, excluding fields and why you might do that, rewriting the output on fields to create basic "looks" for your page
  • All basic settings options, including field styles and various display settings, excepting Grouping Fields and Access Control (which will be covered in Views Demystified 2) and Ajax and Theming (which will not be covered)
  • Fields & the high level of control you have over your fields with just the UI
  • A couple of simple add-on modules that can easily make views do fancy things that will make you look super cool.

Views Demystified 2 will then build on everything you learn in Views Demystified 1, and can be read about here:

A similar presentation was given at DrupalCampLA 2009, and the video for that can be found here (as a preview):

Experience: Beginner, Intermediate
Industry: education, entertainment, library, marketing, media, non-profit

I heard this was a great talk in LA! I had fun giving 2 very similar ones at SANDCamp this year ( and advanced views), would love to help out if you'd like.